When we are young we trust so easily
We love unconditionally.
We forgive so simply.
It is so sad how we are taught
By life
To not feel these simple but great emotions.
Trust, Love, and forgivness.
But most of all.
When is it that we lose our FAITH?

Isn't it funny how life can change us
Not only our way of living
But our very way of feeling
When we are young
We find ourselves pushing away people
Who love us
Then one day
We need them.
Isn't it funny
The people who love us
Always stay.
They are the true meaning of life.
God gave us life to live with people surrounding us

With love.
His love sent down through each and every one
of us.
When you feel alone.
Call on someone close to you.
Even if at the time you don't think they
are "close to you".
Believe it or not
Times like that are the real tests.
Can you reach?
Can you trust?
Are you afraid?
Will they be there?
Without the risk , how will you ever know?
Who really loves you.
Always give God a chance to work
His "little" miracles in your life.
Always trust in Him.
His road isn't paved with easy steps.
His load isn't carried lightly.
But throught this life he gave you strength.
All you have to do is find it in the people around
That is his gift. Always remember this.
There is no love greater than God's
And remember what he said.
"We are made in his image"
So where is the Love?
In us.
The Faith remains within HIS love.
FAITH will guide you.
Just reach out and trust.
Reach for the Love in
All of Us.

God Bless You.

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Nichole Cherrie Hart ęCopyright 2002