In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Ya Allah!!

Author: Souladvisor


Here I am Allah, lonely and cold:

Panicked and frozen: longing for something to hold.


Naked and helpless as if newly born;

Wondering what’s to come of my fate; my shortcomings I mourn.


Sometimes I wander looking for a place to hide,

knowing my salvation lies with You as my guide.


O’ here I am Allah, my being huddled in a heap;

Knowing full well the punishment my soul did reap.


Your Mercy can encompass all; for this I yearn.

Without it no reward I could hope to earn.


Teardrops fall from my eyes in fear.

Ya Allah, I beg You not to be with me harsh and severe.


Without You, there is no hope to find the way.

You hold the key to my heart, and to You I pray.


My soul is an orphan, and in search of Your Great Path.

I beseech You to guide me and keep me away from Your wrath.



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