In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Ultimate Abode

Author: Souladvisor



Oh’ Death, I do not want to meet you in any other way.

If I hadn’t been Muslim, I’d surely run away.


I hope your coming will be met with the comfort, of the meeting of my Lord.

To loose this would be a tragedy, I just can’t afford.


I’ve been preparing for you for such a long, long time now.

A nd you come when people least expect.


I will meet you with uncertainty, so come as a comfort to my eyes.

I’ve tried my best to be upstanding and not among those who Allah Despises.


I wish my soul to be taken to the paradise.

To go to hell would be disaster, from the wasting of my life.


Death, it is not only your coming which is the reason for all my fear.

It is Allah’s knowledge,.... of all that I did not adhere.


Oh’ Death, be kind and gentle with the removal of my soul.

This life is only an alluded transition from creation to our final abode.


My life and My Love only for ALLAH!




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