In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


By: Souladvisor


Just yesterday I was running free.

A Butterfly would have envied me.


In every way I did as I pleased. 

I could bring down any man to his knees.


But somehow inside the spirited illusion of the butterfly died.

I was only kidding myself; from day to day, for I was never thoroughly satisfied.


My soul longed and ached for something more grand.

Something that could satisfy it and put an end to insatiable demand.


I searched here and there,

And then with my inner self caught unaware.


I realized physical pleasure is just a loser’s goal.

I wanted that which would quench and saturate my inner soul.


I had an intimate moment that I shared when I met with ‘Death’.

I knew he’d grab my soul and strip it from my limbs as I breathed my last breath.


No time to cry mercy or if I could.

He is obeying an order as we all have should.


Then I would rise and be shown the true picture of my soul.

What then was left that mattered after my life he stole?


I envisioned my presence as a crippled blacked mess.

Would I be capable of tolerating, as my body surely would confess.


Everything brought as witness and without tongues would talk.

My fear grew to panic, yet my soul couldn’t flee nor walk.


As intimate lovers ‘Death’ would wait for the day we would dance.

Was I ready to tangle in that fatal romance?


Somehow we feel it comes only by chance.

Beware; for I assure you, there is no warning in advance!


Now I became eager to set the scales right.

The more I became righteous my heart and soul tasted true delight.


I never expect that I would feel as I did.

If I had new such ecstasy and love existed I would never had hid.


My past now behind me as a shadow while one is facing the sun.

My fatal attraction now ended and true love in purity had finally won.


No stronger passion could I possibly know.

For the one who finds Allah no other love can grow.


The tears I cry in repentance you will never know.

Now following desire has become my deadly foe.


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