In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


The Status of A Woman Within Islam

Author: Souladvisor


All Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Great Throne, The Lord of the Worlds, The Lord who Lives and Never Dies.  We are his humble servants and claim no righteousness unto ourselves.  We try our best to submit to Allah Sw for he is the One Who Created us, and We are in need of Him SW.  We accept the Prophet hood of the Prophet SAW to be the last and final Prophet sent to mankind to re-guide the Humanity.  We chose the religion due to its wisdom and purity and satisfaction, which occurs, in our lives if fully practiced. 

The Women in Islam enjoy fully a status, which is often envied, by European as well as Western Women when the reality of the women’s status is presented to them correctly.  Proof of which is the thousands of women who have already embraced Islam, and the hundreds who come in search of it daily.  I wish that I could say that all Muslim women enjoy the rights that have been established in the Quran and by the Holy Prophet SAW, but sadly it seems that like everything else in this world, it is much affected by human weakness, culture, and pressures made by the majority in a Society.  The truth of the matter is often hidden or twisted to make women fear the conditions they will be submitted to upon conversion, but the realities if faced with a true religious environment voice the realities of peace and wholeness in accordance to ones nature.  Yes, this is one important factor which has to be acknowledged is that although upon equality, the physical nature, psychological structure of men and women are different. 

Allah Sw created us differently and upon this equality, Allah Sw ordered and designated responsibilities, which are complimentary and fulfilling to both men and women alike.  An Example of which are the women bears and delivers the children.  Allah created her in this way.  We do not question that.  We see that Society target these differences between men and women daily, and our response to that is silence due to our acceptance of these differences and our expectance of these difference to be taken in account to satisfy fully and equally enjoy our nature.  For example: both men and women enjoy wearing perfumes, but the scent and style of the bottle targets the differences between man and women.  Men and women alike equally enjoy clothing, but the clothing targets the differences in the nature between men and women.  Have you ever walked into a ladies bathroom and found a urinal?  No, that would be foolish.  Men and women are targeted differently on a daily basis with no offence taken by neither the men nor the women.  This is in accordance to our nature.  The hormones, the physical parts, the brain structure, …etc are different between man and women.  We accept this.  Now follow me with this thought in mind.

The reason for the woman’s existence is to serve and obey Allah unconditional and unreservedly.  One of the differences between men and women in the Holy Quran is the Allah Sw made man the maintainers of women due to their physical ability over them.  This superior physical ability is accepted both by men and women and is one the aspects of manly-hood, which if lacking in respect of the man is the target of criticism with rare exception.  It is amazing that within society the buildup of a leadership is accepted, but in the family structure is challenged unreasonably.  There is only one head supervisor in a group; one mayor in a city; one head of the surgery dept. in a hospital…etc…etc, and one head of a country, be it President or King.  We as humans see the necessity of this; yet challenge this when it comes to Islam.  So are we oppressed due to this system?  Of course not!  A Muslim woman accepts her husband as head of the household due to the fact he is the maintainer and supporter of her.  She enjoys fully in accordance to the example of our Prophet SAW an active role in the family and community, and consideration for her feelings and opinions in regards to decision making, although he has the final say as long as it is in accordance with Islamic jurisprudence.

A Muslim woman is ordered by Allah to cover her beauty.  This is the part of Islam that people try to challenge; yet in reality it is what elevates her over and above the status of other women.  She remains unmolested, dignified, and a valued contributor in the society for her intellect not her looks.  This is freedom and this is respect.  Although men wish to maintain voice that a beautiful appearance and revealing clothing is what gives her status, and some women are eager to reveal them selves to gather attention, we see the opposite effect.  Women in this condition rise to the top, only to be used and enslaved by men.  What is the relationship between the sale, purchase of a car and women in a bathing suit for example?  There is no relationship, but women are used to sell products by degrading them to a mere shell (Their bodies).  If you look realistically at any professional women who have risen to the top due to their intellect, you will find them always with very short hair, modest makeup, and classically modest business style suits.  Did you ever wonder why?  What does taking your clothes off have to do with freedom?  It is our slavery to satisfy man’s desires, which have led us to believing this absurdity.

In correlation to that, anything of value is always protected: not to be used and used again and again by anyone: the example of which we could see in a Rolls Royce.  The owner is the only one who enjoys driving it, and when he is not using it, it is covered for protection so it will not be damaged or scratched.  This is not to reduce the status of a women to a possession such as a car: she is a million times more valuable then that, but to merely illustrate that human nature covers that which is valuable.  A Muslim woman has no shame for herself.  It is respect for herself and her husband, which in accordance to knowing the nature of men participates and is an active member and voice within the society for her intellect while she remain covered.  This is also the very thing with strengthens her relationship with Allah, and with her husband.  He is secure and unchallenged, and with appreciation and admiration for his wife, that is not enjoyed physically or used by anyone else, likewise does his best to remain modest and treat her in the manner, which is deserved for someone so precious.   Ahhhhh if you could feel the ecstasy of a relationship, raised on mutual love, respect, and security.  This is what is missing in society.  Ever ask yourself, why all the divorce?  Men want to keep their women used as a possession instead of her maintaining her intellect and using her capabilities among them.

It is of no devalue that a women’s testimony is equal to the testimony of a man.  This is an order of Allah and for sure there are reasons for this as there is always wisdom behind the command of Allah.  I can only begin to venture in assessment of this, but I find no need to try to confirm with proof that which has been laid out by our Creator.   And this does not deter one from the many aspects of the religion which successfully if fully implemented elevates a women to the status of which has not been enjoyed by other societies.

In conclusion to this I would like to reestablish that there is nothing within Islamic structure, which devalues or oppresses women.  If anything could be successfully challenged it would be the status of the man within Islam, not the women.  What do I mean?  I mean that these examples of the oppressed women because she is obedient to her husband can go both ways.  Allah SW ordered the maintenance of women on the man.  Therefore making the man A SLAVE to provide for her and his family along with any female relatives that have lost or not enjoyed support.  Any wealth she possesses remains hers and he may not order nor ask about the disposal of which.  If she is financially secure she is of no obligation to him, or his children to spend upon them.  He has to provide for her financially, protect her physically, satisfy her physically and mentally, and treat her kindly, while she enjoys all these benefits and securities and even then if he is financially capable of providing her with servants she enjoys that too, for Islamically house chores are done only out of kindness and not obligation and the raising of the children is shared by both.

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