Late Night

Author: Souladvisor


Oh Allah, You are the One, Your face more radiant then the shining sun.

Oh Allah, to You I pray; You sent us Your Prophets to guide us to the proper way.


Oh Allah, it is You I fear. In the dark of the night I shed a tear.

Oh Allah, to You I turn.  You gave us the Quran and with it we learn.


Oh Allah, when in a time of need,

I turn to you in prayer; to You alone I plead.


Oh Allah, I praise You alone.

I remember Your names in a humbling tone.


Oh Allah, in a time of delight,

I sit in thanks in the still of the night.


Oh Allah, Your wrath I fear.

I’m aware that my death is ever so near.


Oh Allah, Your Mercy I seek.

Overlook my faults, to you alone I weep.


Oh Allah, from You we hide,

Your loincloth is Glory; Your cloak is Pride.


Prohibitaion of Pride and Glory


Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri and Abu Huraira: Allah’s Messenger SAW said: ‘Glory is Allah’s loincloth and Pride is His Cloak.  Allah says: He who contends with Me in regards to them, I will torment him.

(This Hadith is sound and reported by Muslim, Ibn Majah and Abu Dawud.)


Superiority of a Believer

Narrated Abu Huraira RAA, the Prophet SAW said:  Allah the Exalted said: “Indeed a believer is in every good place with Me.  He praises Me even when I take out his soul from between his sides.  (This Hadith is sound and reported in Musnad Ahmed)





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