Author:  Souladvisor


Upon a trail of a darkened past.

The true light just began to glow.


The soldiers fell in their path.

Changing forever their envisioned goal.


The mighty have a future so clear.

Oppression and devastation became their throne.


The ‘king’s’ mighty hand not opposed.

Submission a doorstep for their foe.


As a poor man, bridled with shame.

Treachery now seeking their ultimate doom.


Impressive power, hands drenched in blood.

Not clearly showing the intended goal.


The illusion of a liberating force.

All must yield as a puppet on strings.


Pleased with outcome of their might.

As graves lined prostrate before them all.


Voracity and supremacy the trophy won.

Challengers powerless as stricken with fright.


Power driven an addict to control.

The innocent’s crime is only fear.


Illation adrenalin in their veins.

Iraq not their only goal?




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