In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Author: Souladvisor


Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters,


As we go through life we are faced with many difficulties.  Continually we are faced with various forms of hardship and tests.  Allah, the Exalted has promised the believer that he would be tested in all or some of the aspects of life.  As the person or the soul of the person rises in station to the nearness of Allah, we find that naturally Allah test him differently then others.  This we can see when we read the stories of the Prophets and the stories of the beloved companions of the Prophet Mohammed SAW.  There are various forms of test that a person is faced with.  We can break them down into a basic category of four: emotional, physical, spiritual, and material.  Not every person is affected by all of these, yet in every way we can expect to face challenges in regards to one or more of these categories during our life times. 


The greatest thing for a believer to realize that no matter which category Allah, the Exalted decides to test him in the solution to overcome this test is the same.  Now you must be thinking to yourself that I have indeed lost my mind, when I tell that the solutions to all of these problems is one and the same solution, but indeed it is true.  Mathematically speaking it would not be comprehendible, but in life the solution to every problem can be solved by application of one element.  And although I will give you that element now, it still remains within the person to “subdue everything” within him and rely upon the only and inevitable solution.  This of course sounds easier then it is, and can only be done by getting in touch with what is going on inside of the depth of your soul: to concur, purify, and free your soul from any worldly dependence.  That does not mean that if your sick to exclude the use of the means, yet the means is never the solution to the problems we face.


We have to evaluate every problem and try to feel why Allah SW has faced us with this particular problem or circumstance, for all things interact and intertwine only by the leave of the Creator.  Without a doubt, for example the littlest of things that happen to us in our lives is not by chance.  Even the fact that out of the billions of people on earth, and the thousands of Islamic groups on the internet, Allah, the Exalted, by His leave and His leave alone was the reason for the crossing of our paths in this group together.  We defiantly have to accept Allah’s Qadr (will) and try to understand and contemplate what Allah expects us to do and learn from our various circumstances.  I swear by Allah there is always a reason for everything.  Do you ever notice yourself always facing the same problems and dilemmas?  This is common and the reason being is we have not taken the time to see deep down within ourselves, and evaluate what exactly is the lesson, which we should have learned within our circumstances, and we haven’t submitted ourselves fully to Allah’s decree upon us.


Anyway, I will give you the solution to all life’s dilemmas, but I warn you and advice you that it is not knowing the solution, yet learning how to apply the solution that will change your life.  Take the example of a dark room.  The solution to the problem is to turn on the light; such a simple task to flip a switch.  Now let us assume that you flipped the switch, and the light did not come on.  What would you do?  Logic! Change the light bulb right!  So you bring a new light bulb and put it in place of the old one and nothing happens!  I mean it nothing happens, you are still in that dark room and facing the same problem and even beginning to panic.  Again you try another light bulb, and nothing; still no light.  You’re changing, and changing trying desperately to find the problem, when in fact there is no electricity going to the light socket.


This is the example of our lives.  Allah, the Exalted gave us the Holy Quran and we have the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW, and even though some of us realize the need to implement these things in our lives (Change the light bulb so to speak), yet we find nothing changes in our lives because we do not have any Yaqeen.   Yaqeen in Allah, dependence in Allah, finding security, and having complete trust in Allah, is the example of the electricity we do not have running to the socket.  We try this dua, and read those Quranic verses, yet we remain in the same problem because we do not have the main solution to every problem we face which is complete trust in Allah, the Exalted, the Master, and King of the universe.  Allahu Akbar…. Allahu Akbar…Allahu Akbar! Author: Souladvisor


This is a poem I wrote at a time when I was turning circles and giving up.  May Allah save us and may we develop complete trust in Him, the Exalted.

Muslims Apathy

Author: Souladvisor


Distance not overcome by closeness.

Hate not overcome by love.


Crossing the threshold of pain into numbness.

Tears no longer fall.


The feebleness of apathy.

The longing of relief.


Stripped by long lies illusions.

Crying within the walls of my heart.


Seclusion more horrific then demons.

Scars cannot be covered no more.


Within has grown a monster,

trying to put an end to all.


Fighting to sustain with dignity.

Sinking greater then a fall.


Alienation surrounded by silence.

Trust used in self-defense.


Rapture of deception.

Life shattered like glass.


The soul tortured by not owning a face.

Treatment pre-judged by instinct.


Anticipation crushed underfoot.

No moreno more……no more………!


Ya Alllllaaaaaaahhhhhh!


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