Alphabetical Islamic Words For Children

Written By: Souladvisor


A is for Allah, the Majestic, Master, and Lord

To lose His pleasure is that which we just cannot afford.


B is for six bases of our Belief:

In Allah, the Prophets,

the Angels, the revealed books,

the Day of Judgment,

and Predestination good or bad, hardship, or relief.


C is for the Creation, of all we can see and cannot see;

from the mysterious jinn, to the angels, and the smallest animal or tiniest bee.


D is for Direction. We should race to find this path and run so fast.

Practice Quran and the Sunnah and you will never be among the last.


E is for Effort and struggle with self and heart.

To be lazy, and careless, is not the way to start.


F is for Fear in Allah, and is a must.

He created us, owns us, and His punishment is just.


G is for Gentleness, which beatifies the soul.

Softness, and tenderness reflects and is a very honorable goal.


H is for Hope in Allah and Hope that His Mercy on us will come down.

Without it there is no chance for happiness and we would always frown.


I is for Ignorance that Satan calls us to.

Memorize, read, and study, is what we therefore must do.


J is for Jewels that we truly adore.

The best jewels are wisdom. We should read Quran to try to attain some more.


K is for Kindness to the poor and the rich, and to the young and the old.

Give it away in large batches, a bright future you mold.


L is for Light to find your way.

Quran gives you this when you read it everyday.


M is for Muhammad pbuh, the Prophet of Allah who came to lead us to the truth.

The most rewarded ones will be those who followed him also in their youth.


O is for the Oneness of Allah that we attest to.

Do not commit shirk by placing partners with Him, whatever you do.


P is for the Prayer prescribed on us five times a day.

The righteous one submits to it and is on time without delay.


Q is for the Questions that the angels will ask us in our grave:

Who is your Lord? What is your religion? Who is your Prophet? 

We need to answer to be among those who are saved.



R is for the Resallah; you know I’m referring to the Holy Quran for sure;

the message that is preserved from alteration, and memorized so everything will be clear and no longer a blur.


S is for the Siyrat, the Bridge of Light we will be asked to pass using all our might.

People will move according to their piety, either crawling, walking, running, or with the speed of light.


T is for Test, which Allah gives us every day.

Our success lies in passing them and not turning to another way.


U is for Universal message which the prophet came to us with.

Segregation due to nationality, sex, color, and linage, within Islam is a myth.

V is for Victory that will come before the end of time the believers once again.

The Muslims will join, and peace and harmony will be among the hearts of men.


W is for Willingness to submit all to Allah in matters in life.

When we follow our desires our lives are havoc and the sufferings are like the cut of a knife.


X is for the eXtra acts of worship that we can do also with the obligatory one.

Like giving charity, making fasts, or an eXtra two rak’at after the rising of the sun.


Y is for Yaqeen; to depend on Allah alone.

Allah is the Sustainer, Beneficent, Protector, All-Knowing, and Merciful;

a few of His great names which we should hum in a low and humble tone.


Z is for Zuhud; the effort that we should try to make.

It is a type of abstinence from all the luxuries, and pleasures we like to take.



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