In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 



Author: Souladvisor


You are my Muslim Brethren, and it is to you I now implore.


To help me keep my feet straight, on the path I have been sworn.


The road gets slippery from time to time, and I am scared to fall.


If it were not for you in the first place, I wonder if Iíd be here at all.


Your smile brings me good cheer, when Iíve had a hard and gloomy day.


Your words bring me comfort, when I need them at the end of the day.


Your support is always near, when questions need to be asked.


Your help is just a phone call away, when there is a difficult and tedious task.


The Quran teacherís patience is needed, when our tongues wonít move that way.


Your patients are really needed, because with Tajweed we cannot play.


When Iím down and depressed with a problem, you are sure to knock at my door.


If anyone is in need, you collect money to distribute to the poor.


My life without you seems empty, and my life seems unbearable to bear.


My day is always brighter, knowing you are out there to care.


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