In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful





Author:  Souladvisor


When the world is going mad,

And you are feeling sad,


Go ahead and have a look,

Itís not just any book.


Allahís Advice is there for the taking.

Your creator is waiting.


Now is the time to benefit yourself.

Donít just leave it on the shelf.


Many things do we read.

What about Allahís Creed?


Do we understand the purpose of this life?

Or do we waste our time with things so trite?


Do we contemplate our fate after weíre dead?

Canít we get it through our head?


This life is but a test.

Will we pass it before weíre laid to rest?


Many went before us and now are gone.

Did they access what they had done?


We need to hold the path our prophet left.

We need to understand the Quran and inform the rest.


We see the time fly by, and donít seem to mind;

Doing only that which will be left behind.




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