In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful



Author: Souladvisor


Colors of deception; the brightness of which I am blind


Perceptions struggle never ended: Muslims spinning to find.


The fog in thickness uncanny; to see through it lies only through chance.


The responsibilities, which rest on our shoulders, are easily thrown for a little romance.


Our youth once strong with emotion, have been paralyzed with poison of desire.


The reciters of Quran once working sincerely: now singers of songs leading us to the fire.


Our faith once strong and unshaken: now questioning maters of the unseen.


The community, who once would gather in assistance, now distant, cross, and mean.


Our women once covered and respected; are now enhanced by a stylish look.


The Quran that once was our creed is now viewed asany old book.


The cries of the Ummah so chilling; were once answered in the speed of light.


Weve forgotten what were defending; now giving up without an honorable fight.


Our preachers, who once shed our tears, are now writing without emotion or fear.


The devastation of our religion is only now becoming so clear.


Our Shahadah once said with meaning; now said with only the tongue.


Our actions now depleting: the true tragedy has only begun.




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