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Poetry and more
Wednesday, 22 September 2004

Mood:  crushed out
Topic: Songs
Taste The Rain

Verse 1:
Nothing good comes easy
Thats what he said to me
Just ask anybody
Who's in love with somebody
I admit I was skeptical
I had had more than my full
Of guys that were beautiful
But were inwardly horrible

But oh man, doesn't he look great tonight?
Everything he's saying to me sounds right
I'm trying so hard to hold on tight
But I'm falling

Break down my walls
Come pouring in
Let your love fall
On me again
Dive into me
Don't be afraid
Just close your eyes
And taste the rain

Verse 2:
I admit I could not deny
The feelings that I had inside
He was the apple of my eye
And he made me feel alive
So I gave my everything
His love was the song I'd sing
I was his queen, and he was my king
He made me fly, he gave me wings

Oh, no. Man did I screw up this time
I am losing what I thought was mine
This is not at all what I had in mind
And I'm sorry

Posted by poetry/songstress0 at 7:45 PM MEST
Updated: Wednesday, 22 September 2004 7:46 PM MEST
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Mood:  crushed out
Topic: Poetry
Deeper Ties

I never see you with my eyes,
But you are with me in my heart.
We always speak, but even so there are deeper ties
That keep us close while we're apart.
Relationships don't depend on sights and sounds,
But on the mysteries of need and grace.
You're with me always, unrestrained by bounds,
In some sweet field more permanent than place.
And so your happiness is a widespread glory,
Shining on a world of more than two.
All the characters in your life story
Share the happiness that's come to you.
No love but must with all love intertwine:
The joy that's in you is also mine.

Posted by poetry/songstress0 at 7:38 PM MEST
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Mood:  flirty
Topic: Poetry
Eternal Love

Love encircle me, keep me from harm.
Let your warm flow of emotions wrap around me like arms.
Show me the way,and guide me tonight
into a world of goodness,without trouble and fights.
Let me experience feeling love in my heart.
A love that never hurts,or wounds like a dart.
The love that is felt between woman and man,
grows each day. With just a touch of the hand,
A love not just emotional but physical too.
With a special type of bonding,between hearts that are true.
Bless me with this love, not just moments whiled away.
But the love that brings a lifetime of bliss...
...From now til eternity.

Posted by poetry/songstress0 at 7:30 PM MEST
Updated: Wednesday, 22 September 2004 7:29 PM MEST
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Mood:  not sure
Topic: Poetry
The Thoughts of a Girl

Slowly sinking,
falling down.
Spinning and twisting,
Down to the ground.

Flipping and turning,
This way and that.
Hoping to land,
Just like a cat.

Hatred and lies are all around,
Everyone she sees does not want her here.
They want her to be quiet and not make a sound,
Their eyes, into her skin, suddenly sear.

Weeping and searching for someone who cares,
She searches for hours, days, and weeks.
Still she cannot find,
Someone who does not think she's a geek.

Her parents, her friends, everyone has gone,
She's left alone in this world,
No one who cares about her,
Or what she becomes.

She says to herself "I cannot carry on",
As she goes to the kitchen and grabs a knife.
She chooses a butcher that is not very sharp,
She chooses this one, to help end her life.

She walks to the bathroom and locks the door,
Turns on the tap and fills up the tub.
Warm water is what she needs, this she knows,
If she does not want her blood flow to cease.

She climbs into the bath tub and takes a deep breath,
Then brings the knife down across her wrists and her neck.
The pain is unbearable and she thinks before she goes,
"Finally I can go where no one, my soul, will wreck."

Posted by poetry/songstress0 at 7:22 PM MEST
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