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Math Makes Sense With…..

                        Tantalizing Tutors!


                                                HELP US HELP YOU WITH GEOMETRY CALCULUS ALGEBRA 1&2!

Have you ever looked at a math assignment and thought to yourself,

“Yeah I’d get this, if I was a rocket scientist.”

Well, Rajaj, Bobby, Goggle Gary, Big Pete, Davy, Chang, Tom, Paul, John-John, and Wayne are rocket scientists.

Yes, that’s right, rocket scientists prepped and ready to tutor you in the finer points of mathematics.

For a small fee* you can have your choice of ten Tantalizing Tutors delivered whenever, wherever* to help you get a handle on the fast paced world of mathematics.

Our world class tutors are on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are just a simple click away at


*Tantalizing Tutors charge by the hour. Hourly fees range from 20 to 35 dollars per hour. A web-processing fee of $3.89 cents will also be added to your bill. The tutors will not be available over most National Holidays and all of the Canadian holidays. Tantalizing Tutors will not provide our services in bedrooms.

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