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Dr. Eugene M. Labbratt
9-12 Science
Room 213
Jose Sanchez Memorial High School

Assignments for Wednesday, March 30th 2005

Ninth Grade- Remember that your lab reports over the online frog dissection demo are due on Friday. Be sure to include a drawing of the openened frog, labeling all major organs. In case you failed to remember the web address, you can find the demo at .

Tenth Grade- We are going to be finishing up our unit on the space program and
NASA this week. The assignment for today will be to research a career in the aerospace field and write a one page report on the career you chose. Use this URL to help you,

Advanced Sciences-  We are now preparing for our big semester project of creating our very own go kart with a turbine engine. For ideas and pointers please check out this website, and report back to me with some ideas you got from the website.

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