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beyond the blue horizon..
lies the silver lining of the clouds..
nowhere to run or hide
the world stands still
the more things change...
the more they stay the same
celebrating joyous occassions
mourning the sorrow of our pain..
receiving of life what we have given
standing firmly on the ground
while reaching for the stars...
grasping onto the magic carpet that comes our way
soaring into the excitement of the undiscovered...
while fearing the unknown of change
and we continue to smile
knowing that tomorrow brings a brighter day....
and feeling that yesterday will soon be forgotten.
yet remembered..
while understanding that tomorrow is not promised...
and that yesterday will affect today.
the purest simplicity of the child in each of us.. ..
the days when we were young..
staying young at heart..
while living with the complexities of life..
 as we grow old..
and capturing each moment for what it is..

© SweetLady_G
July 16, 1999
All Rights Reserved


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"Stay Gold"

Stevie Wonder


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