My perfect viper


I have always seen you as my perfection

you are the one I aspired to be with,

the only one I wanted

You had grace and beauty with a soul on fire,

eyes the saw through me with perfect clarity.

You were wild and crazy, your mind as sound as your body.

your platinum hair always glimmering in the sun.

when you spoke to me you were always kind and uplifting

never harsh or demanding you made me feel wanted.

I have never felt as I did with you.

never saw the world as a place worth being in until you showed me how to look

but now I see that all of these thing weren't what were there

but only what you wanted me to see.

you never cared about what I thought only what it could get you

you never cared how I felt only what I gave to you 

you were never beautiful just a viper in hiding

now I see you how you are

and again I see how am the fool once more