First thing I'd like to say is that these are my thought beliefs and general ramblings, If you do not agree with them I don't really care but if you want to send feedback just click on the bottom link I am always open to new ideas.


The most important thing I have to say is that while I do not condone suicide I do under stand it,

and the belief the people who do commit suicide and damned to hell is wrong.

We can only hurt the one we love because they are the only one's  who can hurt us.

In the most part the one god religions are for closed minded and judgmental that are best at making others feel inferior.



A man who fears nothing loves nothing.

There is life after love.

hope is not a thing but a state of mind that can be nourished or left to wither.

There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophies.

Had I not know I was dead already I would have mourned the loss of my life.

I will die as I have lived, Alone.

How often trust is lost with friendship as the cost.

I wish to shed this mortal coil and be free from the hate and misery, I don't have passion, or peace I just walk thru life saying all the right things so that no one notices that I am not really here.


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