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This website was created to share with the world a little bit about me, the great and mistical Sandra Stevens. I want to be a freelance writer for newspapers. I am bi-sexual, but don't tell my parents 'cause they would freak if they ever knew that I had made love to another woman. I have been with both men and women, even once at the same time, but I find that women are much more sensual than me. Though I do have to say that I like to have a man grab me and take control once in a while. No matter how good a woman is with her tongue, sometimes I just want a big, hard... You know lately I have found myself looking at and downloading more and more porn from the net. I guess since I am out of parents house for the first time and living on my own I am looking at new things. I mean I watch a couple of porn videos in high school, but not much else. Now I am finding myself downloading stuff all of the time. I guess I am just exploring my sexuality in depth right now. I anyone has stuff that they want to trade with me just email me and let me know. Anyways, that is all I have to say for right now, check back soon and hopefully this site will be a little bit more elaborate.

Luv Ya
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