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Liss's Guard Page
Dedicated to Coronado High School's Colorguard

My Favorite things about Guard

Hi my name is Melissa, but I go by Liss.
I am a student at Coronado High School in Nevada. I am a member of the colorguard/winterguard there. I absolutely love it!
I like to concider winterguard my second home! My big sister Calah is in guard. And then there's Jenna and April, our two captains (we're gonna miss you next year April!) and there's Shayna, she's so sweet! Those three are like big sisters to me, so its as if I have four sisters in guard!
Hugs and kisses go out to all the Coronado High School guard girlz. I love all of you guys.

Our captains are Jenna and April (you guys are the best!) our guard consists of our two captains, plus Shayna, Jessica, Ciara, Carrie, Charlene, Samantha, and Calah (and me, melissa). I luv you all!

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