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Shout Outs

Shout Outs to....

I want you to know how much I appreciate all your help. i dont know how I lived my life without friends. I'm really glad that we're friends. I luv ya

You are the best, thanks so much for understanding and being my friend. Ur always there for me. You're a great inspiration to me. thanx I luv ya much

ur so great! im really glad were friends. im gonna miss you so much next year! please come back and visit next year? I'm gonna miss you too much. you're a great captain. Luv ya

you are the best of all the best guard instructors ever! ur so nice, and i luv ya for that! thanks for helping me to start learning to spin rifle. Thanks for being our guard instructor

hi!... thanx for helping us(flag line) with all the work we didnt understand, ur such a great friend!

my bestest best friend! *huggles* ur so sweet, i luv u. you're the greatest friend anyone could ever have as a best friend! luv ya!

my big sister! you're my most favoritest big sister!*is a dork* i luv ya, u're the bestest! thank you so so so so so much for helping me and charlene with our show. you're the sweetest. I just want you to know that. Thanks for being so nice and for being such a great sister and friend.

hi! you're so sweet! you're a great person, i luv ya! thanks for being such a great friend

hi samantha! *smiley face*

Mrs. McCracken-
Hi Mrs. McCracken! I luv ya! you're the greatest band director!
We would be nothing going nowhere if it wasn't for your help and support *yay for Mrs.McCracken!*

Kyle Seminary-
You give me a hug every morning. thats what i love about you. you're so sweet and kind. I'm really really really sorry about ur dad. I want u to kno im always here if u need to talk or even just a hug. You're the greatest. i luv ya!

Hi Carrie! youre such a great friend!!! I'm really glad I got to know you (again.. lol) You're so fun to be around!.

sorry u got fired ... sorry ... luv ya anyways

(sorry Mrs.McCracken if i didnt spell her name right) Ainsley, you are so definetely gonna grow up to be a guard girl! i love u, you are so cute and adorable! you are the sweetest thing!

I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for you, I love you so much... You're my big brother, ur always there for me. I always feel safe when i'm with you. ur my guardian angel. I wish you much happiness in life. I love you!

you are the best counselor ever! it is so awesome that you love guard just as much as i do! You've helped me allot this year! Thanks! luv ya

you are so sweet and ur nice to me, people sed that ur mean, but i dont think u r. you're too nice to be mean. Youre a great person, you always can cheer me up. Thanks, Luv ya!

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