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Guard Fun Stuff

What you'll find on this page....

*ABC'S Of Guard*

A drenalene
B ruises
C atch it!
D ont drop it!
E ffect
F lags
G liter
H elpin each other
J ust gotta spin
K eep on trying
L ove it!
M usic
N ever quit
O uchies
P reformance time
Q uintuplet
R ifles
S abers
T ravel U s
V ery tough routine
W interguard
X tra bobby pins
Y -because we love it
Z oned out

*Ways UR Guard Can Save Money*

Everyone who has ever been in or taught a guard knows how expensive putting a guard together can be. the fall, make your own uniforms in every one knows someone who can sew whether its a mom or a booster people are willing help for a worthy cause
Savings:about $100 per guard gurl
2.In winterguard buy your uniforms at target something cute and simple like workout pants and stylish shirts
Savings: about $70 per guard gurl
3. design and sew your own flags br>savings: about$30 per flag used uniforms and equipment from other guards
5. go to the hardware store and buy PVC piping for your poles
Savings: $11 per flag
6.reuse white tape on flags
Savings: a little
7. make your own guard bag out of old jeans
times the savings by 8 girls and thats alot of money!
Fundraising Ideas
1.have a car wash
Raise: about $200
2.candy sale
Raise:about $100
3.Go around colecting money
Raise:about $30 per girl
4. host a show and set up a WG booth
5.hold a guard clinic for elementary-middle school and charge a registration fee feed them then at the end of the day give a preformance excellent way to get new recruits for guard too.
6.go bowling and have people sponser for every pin you knock down each person will give you a dime
raise:a dime*120 pins=$12.00*10 people=$120 out an ice skating rink and charge people to skate for a few hours
8.have a guard yard sale

181 signs you’ve been in guard too long…

1.Your parents lock up all the brooms/pool cues/umbrellas/etc.
2. You spin anything you can get your hands on. pens, mops, etc.
3. You go to attention when someone claps at you in the hallways.
4. Five hours of practice is a blessing.
5. You go to the mall to try to find something new to make your rifle colorful
6. Your light fixture in your room is permanently broken.
7. You've replaced more light bulbs in your room than you can count.
8. Every song you hear, you write guard work to.
9. All your favorite songs have this one part that would be "perfect for a rifle feature."

10. Your hands are permanently black and blue.

11. You dance down the hallways at school.
12. All the work your instructor writes, you've done before...
=13. You can't watch someone else spin next to you without spinning yourself.
14. You protect your weapons like they are your children.
15. You name your equipment.
16. You name your drill spots.
17. As soon as you step onto a football field, you put your head up and smile at the bleachers, whether or not anyone is there.
18. You can't name all the shows you've done.
19. You can't remember the work from the last show you did.
20. The phrase, "free time" has lost all meaning to you.
21. The band room is your second home.
22. You leave a pillow and blanket in the guard room, just in case.
23. You have a closet full of old guard uniforms, whether you wore them or not.
24. You have a drawer full of guard tee-shirts.
25. All your guard gloves have holes in the palms.
26. You don't go one day without spinning.
27. Doing only 200 drop spins at practice is a blessing.
28. You've run more laps than the track team.
29. You've done more push-ups than the football team.
30. You've slept in the band room.
31. You've gotten undressed in the band room.
32. You'd be at practice, even if you have pneumonia. And you'd be smiling.
33. When people on TV march, you cringe if they're out of step.
34. You know where everything is in the first aid kit.

35. You know that "one more time" never means one more time.
36. After practice, you hang out in the band room to chat with your fellow guard members.
37. You've seen 3 in the morning.
38. When you get home at 1 a.m., you are ecstatic.
39. Your personal motto is "Guard is Life."
40. After high school, you march in college, drum corps, winter guard...etc.
41. You know how to get any kind of stain out of your uniform.
42. Skin tight spandex doesn't faze you anymore.
43. You go out in public wearing practice clothes, and wonder why people look at you funny.
44. You sing songs you've performed to every day of your life.
45. Anyone who can throw a piece of wood with a strap 100 feet in the air and catch it becomes your idol

46. You and your friends repeat the same phrases over and over.
47. When one member gets sick, you all get sick.
48. You refuse to graduate.

49. You could make one of these lists with little to no effort.
50. You have a permanent sock tan.
51. Your hair is 8 different colors.
52. Your nails don't come past the ends of your fingers.
53. Your toenails have been painted for as long as you can remember.

54. A half-hour lunch break is considered long.

55. You start finishing sentences for fellow guard members.
56. When you go out to diners in your uniform after a show, you wonder why the waiter looks at you funny.
57. When you go out to diners with 30 pounds of glitter in your hair, you wonder why there's glitter in your food.

58. You're constantly involved in fundraisers
59. You know where every high school in your circuit is located.
60. You can smile genuinely on command.
. You can catch anything thrown at you.
62. You know the perfect spot for a toss in your favorite songs.
63. You can do your hair and make-up anywhere.
64. You can change into your uniform anywhere.
65. You find yourself designing flags/uniforms/drill in your classes.
66. You've missed more 4th periods than you've been to.
67. You can change, go to the bathroom, and go to your locker in 4.5 min.

68. You laugh like everyone else on your guard.

69. You use two hands to tell your left from your right.

70. You know how many people can be crammed into a minivan.
71. Lycra-spandex has become a permanent part of your closet.
72. You spend more time in the band room than in your house
73. You know how to manage 20 girls and 1 bathroom.

74. You've spent more money on guard fees than you have on your college education.
75. You never could teach your dog to fetch, cuz everything you throw you have to catch yourself.
76. No matter how good your guard is you still get the smallest coverage in the yearbook.
77. The school nurse knows you and your parents by name.
78. Your guard has developed its own language.
79. You know that if you try something weird it might just end up in your show.
80. Your school locker is an uncharted area to you.

81. You went to every school football game but never paid for one.

82. You can arm wrestle anyone and win.
83. You have electrical tape and/or a screwdriver in your backpack.
84. You name your equipment
85. You name your bruises
86. Your ceiling is covered with marks from the rifle you WEREN'T spinning in the house
87. When you get teary-eyed when you have to put your rifle down so you can eat dinner
88. When you spend all your free time looking for guard-related websites.
89. When people ask about bruises you didn't even notice you had 90. When you have one giant brown grass spot in the backyard from practicing so much
91. When stadium nachos and pop tarts are the breakfast of champions
92. When you look for guards in commercials and movies
93. When you catch yourself switching feet to get back on-step with the background music in the mall

94. When you can never be fashionably late because you show up for everything at least 15 minutes early

95. When the people at Home Depot know you by name.

96. When vending machine food becomes gourmet.

97. When you have to explain to your teachers that you are not staring off into space, you are projecting
98. When you choose a college based on the guard programs nearby
99. When you use guard tape to fix everything
100. When five more minutes Dad turns into a midnight practice
101. You still get mad when someone says "twirl" instead of spin

Color Guard Prayer

When the music starts and we stand proud and true
Please. Oh Lord!
Let the judges like what we do.
May I stay in rhythm,
let me not lose my count,
for I dread they will point me out.
This I will know is not so bad,
but the looks from my instructor could kill my dad.
I ask not for myself, but for the whole
Let us march in straight lines,
and not on our toes.
May my hands be true.
Even though they're black and blue,
It's the price we must pay,
for the tosses that get away.
Protect me. Oh Lord! from you know who:
they couldn't catch a cold, and you know that it's true.
When the show is almost over,
and the fans are on their feet,
keep me smiling that same smile
even though I can not breathe!

Guard Quotes

To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is to be left.Sell the show, not the hot dogs.
Rock stars!!!
On more time. (right...)
IN the toaster!
...5 ...6 ... dut, dut, dut, dut, dut, dut, squeeze and one!
If it were easy it would be called cheerleading.
Rifles have nice butts.
Halftime is a colorguard show with backup that won't stand still.
If you laugh going in, you cry coming out.
Can you snap??
Could everyone count out loud this time?
Your jealousy is my energy, now you know why I spin so well.
Fold the floor and THEN put your equipment away.
If it hits you, hit back.
You have six feet of pole and five feet of silk-you better catch
There is no wind!
Is the Guard ready?
Hey girl! What girl? Ready set. You BET!
Time is the only thing you can ever get back.
Regret is the worst emotion.
Give me show!
There are two types of people in this world, those who can spin, and those you wish they could.
They'e not "poles", they'e flags, they'e not "swords", they'e sabres, and they'e not "guns", they'e rifles. We don' "twirl", we spin! We don' "throw", we toss! Get it right!!!
That which brings you greatest pain will also bring you greatest pleasure.
Guard members are family
Colorguard takes a lot of strength and time and no one respects that those who understand no explanation needed...To those who don't no explanation is possible
You can never possible catch a flag/rifle/sabre if you are always thinking of ways to drop it
Practice does not make perfect...only perfect practice makes perfect
Rehearse the same way you plan to perform, that way when you perform its just like rehearsal
Dude, one day that sabre is gonna jump off the floor and slap you in the face!
The door of guard is open wide, take a step and come inside
is the guard ready
The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary
Attitude is the mind's paintbrush. It can color any situation
The judges want to see your beautiful flag work but they also want to see your beautiful faces too. SMILE!
Make them so excited by your show they want to throw their babies on the field as a sacrifice!!
Once a guard girl, always a guard girl
A guard that counts together stays together
They say that necessity is the mother of invention...Well, colorguard is the mother of necessity improves your face value
Is there such thing as life after practice?
If you can't handle guard be a cheerleader
What's the point of going out there if they can't see your pretty faces
No one said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it
If you're gonna hit 'em, hit 'em hard, and if it's Eddie, hit 'em harder
Toss High, Catch Hard, Dance Big, and SMILE your hearts out
The end of the show is near.... one more toss to go
I'd rather be in a guard with no life, than in a life with no guard
The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success
They say losing builds character-well here's to less character
You are late, on count 8
A job is nice but interferes with my guard life
To simply spin is not enough to be great- to perform what you spin is what makes you great
Don't give anything less than your best, because that would be a sad thing to give
Winterguard is Broadway on a basket ball court-only harder
Never underestimate people in large groups with weapons
Winterguard is marching season guard without the backup band
Competition can damage self-esteem, create anxiety, and lead to cheating and hurt feelings-but so can colorguard
There are 2 types of people in this world, those who spin and those who wish they could
All you give is all you get so give it all you got
Failure is the hardest teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson later
Don't cry because it’s over, cry because you experienced it
True Guard girls know that "one more time" really means again
There is no failure except no longer trying
If you always reach for the stars you will always hold your head high
Experience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes
Work like you don't need the money, love like you never been hurt, dance like everybody's watching
It's important to be a go-getter. But it's even more important to know what it is you want to go and get
If you focus on results, you will never change, if you focus on change, you will get results
You've go to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction
There will be a time when you think you have finished, that will be the beginning
Practice doesn't' make perfect, nor is it supposed to, practice is about increasing your repertoire of recovering from our mistakes
The next best thing to winning is losing; at least you've been in the race
You can't expect to win unless you know why you lose
If you want to have a good day, go out and do it! If you want to have a good show go out and do it!
Love it, do it, live it, spin it
I don't believe in failure. It's not failure if you enjoyed the process
To love what you do and feel that it matters-how could anything be more fun?
The ultimate of being successful is the luxury of giving yourself the time to do what you want to do
Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work
If you wish to reach the highest, begin at the lowest
Aim at the sun, and you may not reach it but your arrow will fly higher then if aimed at an object on a level with yourself
Pain is temporary pride is forever
How to succeed: try hard enough, How to Fail: try too hard
Instead of better late than never better never than late
When people keep telling you that you can't do something, you feel the will to try it
Do it-Do it right-Do it right NOW!
Don't let your achievement go to your head, and don't let your failure go too your heart
To conquer without risk is to triumph without glory
You go back to the gym and you just do it again & again until you get it right
There's no way to understand how much it means if you're not involved in it
This is not a dress rehearsal this is IT

We Are The Show: Written by me (Lissa)

The time between seasons drags
And the days click by like dominoes
One by one they tumble over
Countdown to begin the show.
Then finally the season starts
The date is set, the time, the place
We organize another year
The calendars fill with practice dates.
Tosses, spins, amazing grace
The music haunts us day and night
Foot here, hand there, the flag in place
Practice, practice to make it right.
Performance faces, focused eyes
The music fills our hearts once more
Just like in practice all those times
We dance across the wooden floor.
A show well done fills up our hearts
The end result of hours strained
We burst with pride when we know it's good
And when it's not, we burn with shame.
All our shows improve by bounds
The season moves on faithfully
And all too soon it has to end
When it's all over, where will we be?
A little wiser, a little sad
To see another season go
But knowing we'll always treasure the time
When together, we were the show.

What it's like

Adrenaline pumping hearts beating,
Fingers throbbing, music leading.
All a part of a sport called colorguard,
The taste of sweat, you know it gets hard,
But ask any teammate, they'll probably say,
That's ok I like it that way.
All teammates are friends, each helps the other,
But practice isn't a time to call for your mother.
Tough it out, the coach might yell,but with that phrase the attitudes swell.
Then those famous words come a new,
Set it up once lets do a run through.
Your music ends and you're breathing quite a bit faster,
You did a good run and you think you're the master.
Time to load the truck, it's not that bad,
Every one helps, even the dads.
Now time to relax, getting on the bus,
Now wait your hair now there's a fuss.
The gel, the spray, it all goes on there,
And now you don't even want to touch your hair.
Put on your makeup so it'll look right,
Don't mess it up, we don't want to fight
.Put on the headphones and listen to "your" song,
Listen, relax, it won't be very long.
The bus comes to a stop, everyone knows that they're there,
Someone wakes you up and you check your hair.
Get all your stuff people and get on out here,
Now it sets in, just a little bit of fear.
You get to your room and take of your shoes,
Take a deep breath, there's nothing to lose.
Warm up and stretch out, get that equipment flying,
Don't busy yourself yet, don't want to see you crying.
Get your equipment and get ready to go,
Line up in the hall to put on your show.
They pull all the equipment on to the floor,
You step a little bit closer and look through the door.
The crowd is huge, you don't think you'll make it,
Breath nice and slow, you know you can take it.
It's your turn to put on your show,
Walk with pride you know it will flow.
Is the guard ready? Yeah you think so,
(School’s name) High School you may present your show.
Look up at the crowd, make sure they see you,
It's your last chance, don't let this thing beat you.
Vibrant flags fly fiercely over head,
Catch it right or your arm will red.
Crack that rifle, you know you can do it,
All right, nice job, I knew you knew it.
Here comes the end, don't break down just yet,
It will be awesome, this is what I bet.
The zip of the flag, the final snag,
It looks great, you got it in the bag.
With hands trembling, you get up and say,
Yes, see I told yeah I like it this way.
Watery eyes, spontaneous combustion of tears,
Screaming, excitement initiated cheers.
Go ahead let it out, you gave it your all,
Don't hold back, admit it, you had a ball.
You showed all those people what you got in you,
Some pain, some love, need I continue?
Some strength, some friendship, some talent, and grace,
You spread it around all over that place.
Just when you thought you were gonna be knocked down,
You bounced right back and refused to go down.
With all those going for yeah, where next from here?
Do you know where you'll end up next year?
This is what makes up a colorguard,
Some people try but don't make it because it's too hard.
All the stress and the anger, some people can't take it,
And somewhere inside they know they won't make it.
All of my teammates have this desire,
Something in their heart that lights a fire.
To do all they need to, to pull off a show,
But what I hate the most is to see them all go.
So just a little something to say to my girls,
To me, you mean the world.
I love you all and I want you to know,
I'm so proud of you guys and our guard show.
I really, down deep, don't want this season to end,
I'm gonna miss it all so much and all of my friends.

Alexandria Dance - Desiree Raught

dancing to the music
i'm lost in the sound
surrounded by air
I cant feel the ground
Feeling the rhythm
inside and through
my body and soul
what can i do
if you just loose controll
and let your emotions flow
you can show them your grace
and show them you know
just what it means
to truly dance
relive the music
capture their glance
and then you will have
what it takes to
and soon surpass
the average and norm
the rhythm, the music
all of us know
the rest comes from you
YOU make the show

Guard is
spending most, if not all, of your free time practicing something that will not get you a job. It will not get you money. It probably will not even give you personally any awards, yet guard is an award all in itself. It is striving to be the best you can be. It is getting along with other people no matter how much you do not want to. It is spending every Saturday performing your heart out just for the sake of knowing what life is truly all about. Guard is smiling through that last half hour of practice, no matter how much you want to go home. It is coming together with other people who love guard as much as you. It is becoming a better team player. It is overcoming fear. It is performing. It is bettering yourself in many subject areas, all at once.

Guard is Math:

It is rhythmically based on the subdivision of time in music. It incorporates various angles, sequences and geometric shapes on a plane.

Guard is Language:

It is a language all its own that expresses an emotion or tells a story through movement. It uses many aspects brought together to provide the entire picture much as sentences form a paragraph.

Guard is Science:

It is a study of physics. Equipment must be accurately utilized to create a desired effect based on force, speed, and reactions.

Guard is History:

History, as the study of people, is a major part of the guard environment. Guard is the allowing of very different people to find a common ground. It is influenced by the past and influences the future as it goes along.

Guard is a Sport:

It is a test of physical dexterity, stamina, hand-eye coordination, body control, strength, and balance. It is a game that we play as a team, bettering ourselves through practice, both on our own and as a unit. It is competitive. We compete against ourselves to become better, as well as against other guards for awards. It has fans, as any sport does. It has those that are fans of the sport, as well as those fond of a particular group alone. They are with us through thick and thin, whether we win or lose. They give back what we give to them.

Guard is Art:

It is a performing art of the greatest degree. It involves the audience through music, color, excitement, story lines, dance, and a flair that is unique to each performing unit.

Guard is Education:

It is learning, trying new things, and doing things you may be uncomfortable doing. It is learning about others, as well as yourself. It is learning about the world around us.

Guard is Life:

It is beauty, love, talent, cooperation, learning, challenges, and raw emotion. It is becoming the best person you can possibly be. It is the greatest natural high.

Excuses, Excuses...

1. I stepped on my flag.
2. I'm not really here, you just think I am.
3. I was blinded by glitter.
4. I hit myself in the head.
5. This flag has no weights.
6. They were too close to me.
7. I got lost in my toaster.
8. I'm on time, everyone else is wrong!
9. The pole was slippery.
10. The silk is too heavy. 11. I have to retape my pole...again.
12. It's too windy.
13. I lost count.
14. My hand slipped.
15. My wrist hurts.
16. I was looking at the cute snare player.
17. It's that time of the month.
18. It's too hot.
19. It's too cold.
20.The pit doesn't move, why should we?
21. What? I did it right, they're all wrong.
22. My two left feet are getting in the way of her two right feet.
23. I don't like the way the rifle strap feels.
24. That's as far as my toe points.
25. I broke a nail.
26. I can't stretch any farther.
27. Don't you remember you changed the work?
28. I can't do leg lifts, my doctor said I sprained my uterus.
29. I had a sail.
30. My flag got caught in my uniform.
31. I forgot my gloves.
32. We're out of guard tape.
33. My sabre is at my dad's house.
34. My mom drove away with my equipment in her trunk.

Slang Translations:

AIR DRILL- when you do driill with no flags or weapons
ARC- a shape with between one and five corners and opens at the side
ATTENTION- standing still while sticking out your butt. Can only talk in a whisper so that no captains can hear you.
BAND GEEK- one who lives in the band room, is obsessed with band
BOLT- metal in the top of a crutch tip that weights the flag
BOOB TWIRLER- someone who does drop spins up by her chest
BRAIN FART- any mistake made by a guard member
CONCERT: extremely dangerous form of torture for both students and audience
COP-A-SQUAT- for one to squat down and sit during practice
COWS- people who make loud thumping sounds during jazz runs
CRACK-HEAD- term used to describe ridiculously difficult move
CRUTCH-TIP- the ends of a flag pole
DIVA- a person who can utlize ANY piece of equipment and use their bodies as well to make it look like an effortless thing
DOUBLE TIME- spin where you do down, flat, up, flat...
DO IT UP- to do well, kick ass
DOT BOOK- a small book to be kept around neck that has complex drawings and strange numbers and pictures that people say are their spots for each picture
DRILL- page that shows what form is suppose to look like
DRILL-DOWN- when band geeks follow long sets of commands from the drum major, just to see who can do it, in an attempt at fun. It is only "fun" when this name is used, however, not during rehearsal.
DROP SPINS- the fundamentals to work, up down spins
FAKE IT- to look like you know the work, while trying to remember drill at the same time
FIELD- 100 yards in length, this is a wide expanse of mud on which bands perform
FISH- when a sabre wobbles in the air
FLAG FEATURE- intense unison flag work, together... no solos
GHETTO- everything that goes bad, something wrong happens, something doesn't goes your way, a part of your show or some other guard's that looks stupid
ONE MORE TIME- do it again, and again, and again...
PRINCESS- the girl in the guard who always has to get her way
RAAAAIIIGHT- yea ok, I believe you
RIFLE-a white-colored piece of wood used by guard members to that is intended for injury of colorguard and breakage of nails
ROOKIES- people new to guard
SELL IT- perform
SILK- flag
SPRINKLERS- an offensive attacker that conviently turns on when your near them drenching you and your flags without warning
SQUIRRELS- a monthly vistor that conveniently comes before shows and games forcing you to fear "leakage" during the show
TAKING A WALK IN THE MALL- not pointing feet, looking like their walking in the mall
TRAINWRECK- when the guard as a whole screws up, causing the entire visual and GE scores to go down
VETS-have marched and are suppose to know what they're doing

In the beginning, there was nothing. On the first day (this is were the story of creation of earth and life etc. goes)...
On the 8th day, God was tired of the boringness of life, so He decided to spice it up. Therefore, He decided to create a marching band. He then craeted the DRUMLINE. Once He heard them play, He covered his ears and ran screaming into space. Unfortunately, He couldn't undo what He'd already done.
On the 9th day, He created the BRASS instruments. Thinking that this was the epitome of good music, He ordered them to play. Again He ran screaming into space.
On the 10th day, He created the WOODWINDS. Fearing that He had done worse, He ordered them to play and sat cowering in a corner. He was surprised that they actually sounded decent (compared to the others.)
On the 11th day, He decided to put all of His musical creations together. Hearing them play, He decided something was missing.
So on the 12th day, He created the most superior life form in the world of marching bands: The COLORGUARD. Once He saw them perform, He was mesmerized. "These people are by far the best" He said. And that is the story of creation!!!

The guardie,

which is also commonly reffered to as Spinnus-Alottus or Flaggus-Tossius, is an extrememly interesting species. They are found in a number of places in your own home town. Their main habitats are:
-High school and/or college gyms, auditoriums, cafeteria, etc.
-7-11's, SpeedWays,StopNGo's, and any other 24 hour convience stores
-Home Depot, Menards, Ace, and any other hardware stores
-Bulk Beauty Supply Stores
-In the stand or on the field at football games
-In the bathroom/changing room
You know you've spotted a guardie when they fit into the following series of attributes:
-Hair is pulled back in a tight pony tail and sometimes plastered to the head with AQUANET or another
hairspray. The specimen is usually fresh from practice or on the way there.
-?Eyes are tired and worn out. Sagging eye lids or under-eyes are sommon, especially in upper level guardies.
-Glove tan lines. These are markingsaround the hand and wrist which identify the guardie as an outdoor, possibly drum corp, breed of the species.
-Electrical tape in the bag. Guradies carry this tape with them anywhere. It is supposedly the only thing a guardie needs to survive in ANY circumstances.
-Sandles or FlipFlops. Many guardies practice barefoot and use on site showers during a practice weekend thus flipflops are a common last minute choice for footwear.
-Permanent Smile. Guardies force themselves to show exaggerated expressions for long periods of time and often can be seen with a stupid grin as evidence of their efforts.
-Left-over Eyeliner from the show the night before.
-Noticeabally muscular/tone arms. Caused by continuous strain on the upper body during practices.
-Eating or drinking something. Guardies are always hungry, if they can't get ahold of a makeshift sandwich or box of snacks then they are probably drinking something.
-Wearing PJ's or fitness attire in everyday life.
If they fit the above description, well...that, my friend, is a true guardie.

Murphy’s Laws of Colorguard

--If any toss can be dropped it will.
--If any toss can't be dropped, it will.
--After things have gone from bad to worse, spin.
--When the going gets tough, spin.
--Complex drill spots have simple, easy-to-understand wrong ways to get there.
--Don't let your captains know you're better than they are.
--You never know who's right, but you always know who the judges think is right.
--When you do not know what you are doing, do with a smile on your face and your head up.
--Remember that whatever misfortune may be your lot, it could only be worse if you weren’t in guard
--Spinning is not the answer. Spinning is the question. “YES” is the answer.

If It Wasn’t For The Colorguard I…

1. Wouldn't have so many black and blue marks
2. Wouldn't have so many good memories
3. Would have done more homework
4. Would have had less pride
5. Wouldn't be so flexible
6. Would have gotten more sleep
7. Would have had less fun
8. Would have a weaker mind and body
9. Would never have met my best friends
10. Would never had had the courage to dream of doing things, I now do every day of my life


Colorguard Pointers

1. Always have white toothpaste to cover up the marks on the walls made by the flag you WEREN'T spinning in the house. ;-)
2. One more time always means at least 10 more times. (TWO MORE TIMES!!!)
3. Never try to squeeze between two drummers--bass drummers, quads, and snares.
4. Your flag is always heavier then everyone else’s
5. Always have a good excuse when your pole crashes through the glass table
6. Drummers should stay drummers & Color Guard members should stay Color Guard members, the two are not interchangeable.
7. Winter Guard is undoubtedly the sport of injuries
8. If you are a flag, use it as a weapon against any and all annoying drummers
9. Winter Guard is more of a sport than Cheerleading.
10. 1 tenth of a point can mean the difference between life and a week from he**
11. Where ever your floor is can make a big difference in scores
12. Your floor crew will eventually put the floor on going to right way
13. Everything was made for you to spin. You never know unless you try!
14. Never own up to being late. Always act shocked.
15. They may all look the same, but your flag is different, and you know it.
16. Never EVER tell a drummer you have electrical tape.
17. Contrary to popular belief, you can't take it from "Set C"
18. The drop you had was not your fault; it was the wind, the sun, the lighting, or any other creative excuse you can come up with!
19. If all else fails, fake an injury. Hopefully they will forget your drop.
20. They can hear the band, but they are watching the Color Guard!
21. Running is NOT an enjoyable activity.
22. The inventor of the full retreat could not have been a guard member at the time.
23. Sitting on the sidelines is incredibly frustrating.
24. Every instructor has their own idea about what "correct technique" is.
25. Stubbornness can be a good thing.
26. Avoid spinning your metal pole during a lightning storm.
28. Wasting time is an art form in itself.
29. There are endless possible positions in which to sleep on a bus.
30. Clothing is an option.
31. Pain is a normal part of life.
32. A five-minute break in guard time usually means 2.5 minutes real time.
33. Do not toss a flag in school hallways. You're bound to hurt the school.
34. Beware of anyone with a flag in their hands if they are mad.
35. Never hand your instructors a piece of equipment and then get them mad.
36. When in doubt, spin. What's the worst that can happen?
37. The show MUST go on.

How To Annoy A Colorguard Member

1) Say "don't hit me"
2) Ask "is that heavy?"
3) Just watch the guard carry big flags-but don't move out of the way
4) Ask "can you come somewhere or do you have to do that flaggy spinny thing you do?"
5) Ask "are you the people that twirl those things at football games?"
6) Say "colorguard sucks"
7) Say "I could do that"
8) ask what we do then say "thanks for clearing it up I always got you and cheerleaders mixed up"
9) Sit in a sweater and jeans, moan to the guard members about how cold you are.
10) Put marbles or some other small object in flag poles
11) Say "don't you feel stupid out there holding that white stick thing?"
12) Tell us that all we do is stand and twirl our little flags. (which happen to be taller than most people)
13) Four words: Guard isn't a sport (See above as to why guard IS a sport)

Colorguard Means-

~Having red hands, and sore wrists.
~Hours of work with no stopping.
~Practicing outdoors in every weather condition.
~Spending all your free time with a flag, saber or rifle and loving it.
~Working harder than you ever have before.
~Forming a bond with people that will never end.
~Thinking about nothing else but colorguard for months.
~Your family thinking you are crazy because, you practice jazz running at all times.
~Getting the unimaginable feeling that surges through you when you win.
~Getting that horrible feeling when you don't
~Nothing else matters!!!

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