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About Coronado High School

Coronado High School
1001 Coronado Center Drive
Henderson Nevada 89052
(702) 799-6800
(702) 799-6839

Coronado's a pretty good school. Great teachers, friendly people there, first place i felt i belong. so basically my favorite school so far.

Principal is Mr. Monte Bay,
Deans are Ms. Margaret Absher and Mr. Paul Fagone,
Assistant principals are; Lee Koelliker, Bob Mars, Di Redman, Nancy Andre, Pat Hickey, and Janet Lester.
The Deans' secretary is Sally McMurray.
Our School Counselors are; Mrs. Lisa Diffley, Mrs. Julie Downey, Mrs. Melanie Fleck, Mr. Kim McMurray, and Mr. Bob Smyth. Our Band/Guard director is Mrs. Danielle McCracken (we love you!)
Allot of thanks go out to our special-education staff; Shirley Fuller, Kimberly Gould, Russel Mason, Gloria Viel, Stephen Behm, Ramona Crum, Philip Mascia, Tamara Miller, Kathleen Nash, Jennifer O'Connor, Mary Ellen Phillips, John Racek, and Ron Tamura (you guys are great!)...
... and thank you Ms West for letting the guard practice in your room!
and thanks go out to all the other teachers and support staff!

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