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This hand-made flute blends the fine art of NAStyle flute making with the heritage of the Native American Flute. Crafted in the traditional Native American style by flute Maker Bob Runningbear this flute is a unique white Aspen wood flute with a black walnut nest and a hand carved eagle fetish.

This Flute Is Gone, Yep The Ghost Has A New Home With Gary It's New Owner In the Great State Of Fl.

Runningbear calls this flute the ghost of music past it is the ultimate expression of Runningbear's talent as an artisan and his ability to create inspiring designs. Runningbear captures the spirit of the Native American flute and takes it to a new level. The voice of the flute is equally inspiring as its artful appearance. In the key of F# it captures the songs of the earth and is quality tuned. The ghost is a rare treasure that brings together the traditions of the Native American culture and beauty of fine art.

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This flute is GONE. It was gifted to the Heritage Center Museun at the Cherokee Trail Of Tears park in Hopkinsville Ky.

SOLD This flute is also on its way to Mr. Herman Edward In Canada.


This Flute Is On Its Way To Its New Owner Mr. Herman Edward In Canada.

SOLD this flute is on its way to its new home in East Tn. And its new owner Mr. Charles Wagers.


If you need to ask any questions about my flutes or order a flute I can be reached at my home phone 270-522-1021 or e mail me at>

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I'm not in my bed, I'm prowling the skies,
so mice be aware... I'm not all that wise.

This Chilkat Bear on a hand drum was made and hand painted by my good friend and Cherokee brother John Ellis of
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Bob Runningbear,The Ambrosia Maple in F# with the Flying Eagle bird is a work of art. It sounds good. Thanks again for a fun flute to play. Peace, Charles in Tn.