JAN Must you sit next to me?

CLIFF I always sit next to you.

JAN Under the circumstances, I don't want you to anymore.

CLIFF Circumstances? What?...just because of what I said In the hall?

JAN Just? Why, it's ridiculous.


A very long time ago, the Controller of Holidays from high in the sky, summoned the mayor of Hareburg, a peaceful haven for rabbits that had retired from life on earth.

The mayor, a prize white rabbit in his term on earth, was annoyed that he was called upon in the middle of a city-wide race where the fastest rabbits competed in their chase of a mechanical dog.

The Controller)on earth he had been a coordinator of Roman holidays during the decline of the empire)

The mayor flapped an ear, "So? It's not my problem; see Mother Hen about it," he said annoyed, bucking a tooth at the controller. I've got to get back to the race in time to award the prize."

"Oh, that can wait. I've lengthened the race and sped up the dog."

"That's a dirty trick," the mayor clattered.


Lance's protests again the next morning fell on Lucia's deaf ears. She had alerted her band of men the night before to prepare for the journey to Quandron. The two knights cantered out of the cave to the assemblage of five hundred horsemen strong, mostly longbowmen. "Are you not glad that I insisted you wait till morning?" asked Lucia smiling.



With the sun perched upon the leafless tree tops framing the great city and casting the gnomon in descent on the massive dial of the palace grounds, situated between the shadows of the bailey and the high structure of the building, a slight, richly clad, figure radiated in the slanting rays. From the palace balcony adjoining her room, a lovely princess fixed a look down at the stretching city of Anselm. With random melancholy she had for years been viewing the children of the kingdom, frolicking in the distant edge of the street not blocked by the palace wall below, which confidently lay low in defiance of the high bailey walls of long ago.

Her hair spread across her little shoulders and bounced glitter with every gait and lighted the dark side of the slope. Each man rolled their startled eyes to the other as they glided up the sapphire path.









General tests today are a throwback to IQ tests designed to humiliate the student, rather than to motivate him or her to do better the next time. The tests in question now is to humiliate the entire school and blacklist it as failing, which is counterproductive because it brands the student and school personnel as dummies.


Ted Williams thought most pitchers were among the dumbest creatures. He left out the other half of the equation that some of the smartest creatures were hitters.  

Pro & Con on Pending War




Janie shuddered in reading that the Japanese forces had launched one of the most elaborate and intense counterattacks of the war. "Casualties are heavy and mounting." she gasped the print aloud. And then took her medal out and brought it to her lips.


What happened to Samantha Runnion is torture and murder — terrorism of the worst kind because it is a deplorable act of personal, up front horror wreaked upon an innocent child. Where was congressional outrage for this as was demonstrated in behalf of "Under God"?

If the weak-kneed intelligence by some miracle should pin-point the smoking gun, then do what Israel did in 1980 and take out Iraq's munitions plants of "mass- destruction.


Not only veterans were gripped by the thirst for knowledge. The nation was on a high: knowledge was in demand because of the euphorically expanding nation in which anything was possible.