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Template Features:
FrontPage 2000/2002 compatible.
Easily add more pages and navigational buttons.
An editable Photoshop file for the logo graphic.
The font used in the logo.
Credit card and shipping icons (bottom of product page).
A product page template.
Comes with a ready-made web template.
Extra navigation at the bottom of each page (increases usability).
A Flash movie.
The editable Swish 2.0 (.swi) file is included.
Replaceable static image for the Flash movie.
A place to add your logo (logo can be a maximum height of 88 pixels).
A place to add your phone number.
Information boxes.
Links to privacy policy templates.
A two column page template, which has no info boxes.
A three column page template.
Two sets of e-commerce buttons.
Use of Cascading Style Sheets. Easily change the text size and text color throughout the website.

E-commerce Buttons:

Static Image:

Credit Card and Shipping Icons:
To view the credit card icons and shipping icons go to the products page.


More Pages
You can easily add more pages and navigational buttons. To view how to do this, read the instructions file.

Extra Graphics
This template comes with many extra graphics, such as e-commerce buttons, credit card icons, shipping icons, and a replaceable static image for the movie. It also comes with the editable logo psd file.