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The City of Jarrell


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Jarrel-A small town that everyone outside of our city knows us as,"Isn't that the town that got hit by those tornados?" As true as that maybe its also a long while back. There are plenty of other things to this city. For instence we have a ever so tempting country market to which all our athletes will visit for (usually pizza and usually before a game) their hunger needs. If that isn't good enough we have a variety of gas stations to consider. Along with our new high school being built we still have a beautiful grand size stadium (yes I'm exaggerating) for amazing football and track sports. What else could we possible want? (Well I can think of a few things)

Well I figured Jarrell needed a good website. I mean the town is small and everything but hey everything has websites now-a-days so why not a "fun city" like Jarrell?

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What could I possible do on this website? anything and everything? Yes most likely. So tell me what I should do with it by visiting the site above. Just type in anything you want to happen and post it on the fourm and I will get right to it. Seriously I will.

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