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Use My Way To Get Free Stuff. It Works For Me, all without a Credit Card


Im going to give you a step by step instructions on how to do it.

Ok, first off you must get a email account at or, dont worry its free. I used walla. The reason for this is you wont need a credit card if you have one of these account, plus all the spam thay sent will be on that account. Sneaky,huh.

Now go to

Ok, now you just have to sign up. Than go back to the homepage and click on the complete offers link. Than choose the Ebay Auctions offer. Which takes you to the ebay sign up section.

When your signing up to ebay, make sure you use your new email account from or thats very important!!! After your done signing up, ebay is going to send a conformation email. For some reason i never got my conformation email the first time, which might happen to you. So what i did was, i went back to this site

Than i logged on, went to the ebay aucton offer again. Resign again using the same email account. than ebay should say, you already registered but you must conform you email to fully register. Now just click on the resend the conformation link. Than check your email. Which should work, finally. You dont have to worry about all this crap, if you get your conformation email the first time you register. Lucky,Bastard.

Ok,now the fun part. After you sign up with ebay, Bid on something you know you wont win. Like a $1.00 on a ipod or $1.00 on Halo 2. Whatever, it doesnt matter, as long as you bid on something. Congratulations, you just completed your Ebay Auction offer!!!

Now in about two to three days go back to and click on the refer friends link.

It should say "Congratulations! Your Offer Has Been Successfully Completed". If not check back in one more day.

Above that theres going to be referral url. Copy that referral url and give it to your friends and tell them to do the same thing you did. Or you can do what i did and make a torrent, upload it so thousands of people can see it.

If you dont know how to make a torrent go to to download MakeTorrent 2.