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Poet's Corner

Kathryn, you are a poem all by yourself, but since you need some more procrastination material, here are some inspiring poems that capture the essence of what it is to be Kathryn.


My Name is Kathryn

My name is Kathryn with a 'Y',
I laugh a lot, I rarely cry,
Except at 'Neighbours' and 'Hollyoaks',
But not at real life - only at soaps.

I like to squeal and I like to hug
My sister Lizzie and brother Bug.
I like to sing in the mornings, loud,
But my housemates moan, so I'm not allowed.

I don't like mess, as you'll soon find out,
And if you're late, you'll hear me shout
"Five more minutes!" "We've got to go!"
I hate being late, as my friends all know!

I like to talk, as I'm sure you can see,
And the one I talk about most is me!
I'm a bit big-headed, I must admit -
I've started to find that my headscarves don't fit!

Oh, Kate may laugh and Tom may tease,
But I don't care, as everyone sees!
No matter how they joke and jest,
Why talk about others, when I'm just the best?



Essay time

Type, type, type,
Read, read, read,
Another extension
Is what I need,
But I know I won't get one,
However I plead,
So it's type, type, type,
And read, read, read.

Type, type, type
And yawn, yawn, yawn,
I've not been this tired
Since the day I was born!
I've been working my socks off
From dusk to dawn,
So it's type, type, type,
And yawn, yawn, yawn.

Play, play, play,
And click, click, click,
The thought of this essay
Is making me sick,
So I'll play some more Tetris
As the clock goes 'tick';
Time's running out
And I need a good kick!
But I'll play one more game,
It will only be quick -
So it's play, play, play,
And click, click, click.

The Eyres Bears

There once were two sisters called Eyres,
Who were ever so fond of their bears.
If you meet them one day,
I'm sure that you'll say,
"Were there ever two funnier pairs?"


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