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Welcome to my home page!

Hello, I'm Jenny Jill, and I'm cute!

I live with my mummy and my Aunty Naomi and my Aunty Caroline and my Aunty Laura. Aunty Caroline has children called Christian and Roodoo who I like to visit sometimes. Any rumours you may hear about me and Christian are total lies!

I have a sister called Jenny Lizzie who is almost as cute as me! She lives with her mummmy, my Aunty Lizzie. The reason we have different mummies is that we're adopted.

I used to have an Aunty Kate, but I don't like her any more because she did something very horrible to me. I don't want to talk about it because I'm still traumatised by it. Anyway, she moved out at the end of last year, so I'm safe now.

Anyway, I'd better go because Aunty Naomi told me to keep an eye on Mummy and make sure she's doing her work, and I think if she reads this it might help her to procrastinate! (That's a big word - I'm very proud of it!)

Give me a kiss - aah! Bye-bye!

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