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 This is a scan of the actual print you are bidding on. This short story reminiscent of the ever-popular Footprints is entitled The Puzzle of Faith. It clearly details the essence, mystery and importance of faith for everyone. Simple in it’s message, but deep in meaning.

  This print features an actual puzzle piece in the lower right hand corner (which explains the “smudged” appearance in that area – it is actually the shadow from when the image was scanned). I have received requests in the past as to what the puzzle is, but have always declined answering. After reading the story perhaps you will understand.

You are bidding on “The Puzzle of Faith” print by Brandon Scott Sander. Sometimes understanding the “big picture” can be difficult and trying to explain it can feel nearly impossible. This short story has put into words a concept even the most faithful of us can sometimes forget. Written in a way adults will treasure and children can easily grasp. These prints can easily be framed or mounted and are great gifts for anyone.

Great for:

o        Birthdays

o        Weddings

o        Confirmations

o        First Communion

o        Graduation (what new graduate isn’t a little nervous?)

o        Baptisms

o        Anniversaries

o        Any other occasion where a gift is appropriate or someone may need a little reminder they are not alone

o        Buy more than one and save on shipping costs!


These prints are printed on parchment paper and will fit any décor due to their neutral color. Simply select a frame that will go nicely with the rest of your rooms.

Look below for the complete text as well as included scripture verses!