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The Puddin'head Press believes there is value in the poetry of JJ Jameson.

We will be publishing a second book under the Jameson name.
We currently have no plans to publish any work which had been written prior to Jameson/Porter's Chicago years. We have evaluated his poetry of being worthy of publication and continued publication on the basis of the poetry itself. Please try to appreciate and enjoy it for what it is, poetry. His poetry is only part of his story. Remember, it is difficult to get the news from poetry.

To order copies of the book by credit card, VISA, MC, Discover, or American Express,
you can call 24 hours a day:


or you can send a check or money order to:
The Puddin'head Press
PO Box 477889
Chicago IL 60647

The cover price is $10.00 please add $1.00 per book for shipping.

NOTE: The original edition measured four by eight and a half inches and was a difficult to produce fold out book. It was a very unique and original chapbook. The new edition does not fold out and measures five and a half by eight and a half inches and is a contemporary type of paperback. However I have made an effort to maintain the original flavor of the book by retaining the original fonts, poem order, and page numbers. We have reproduced the original cover style. It is published under the author name jj jameson AKA Norman Porter.

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