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Where Images Perfect Bound, 62 pages, 8½ by 8½ inches, 2007, $15.00
Published by The Puddin’head Press
ISBN# 978-0-9724339-6-9
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Praise for Where Images Become Imbued With Time

Jared Smith's voice and hypnotic technique creates a vivid world in which images and ideas appear as easily as in a dream. His poems have a sense of urgancy and purpose. We face the modern world, from nanotechnology to the darkness between trees, with an intelligent, observant and visionary guide. He seems to name evey nameable thing with an unnamable energy that helps define who we are in our world. This is what poetry is about! His poems are imaginative, passionate, personal, and expansive. This collection echoes and stands up to its title. WHERE IMAGES BECOME IMBUED WITH TIME is truly an important work of art.
Michael Spring - poet, author of Blue Crow and Mudsong.

Jared Smith is an excellent poet; who has learned to live and believe with conviction that the entire world belongs in and of poetry, not just pieces and bits like nature poetry, dramatic stories or the demands of friendship and love. His new collection WHERE IMAGES BECOME IMBUED WITH TIME is a moving example of how poetry can bring them all together in a synthesis of trees, crops, the universe, airplanes, gears, history and industry, sea birds and land animals, rusted iron and surgical knives. Since this is a rare synthesis, except for Whitman's and Crane's attempts, it deserves a careful reading by those who have a serious interest in the poetic art. Witness this splendid line -- "A dust mote upon a string played obbligato between galaxies".
Andrew Glaze - poet, Pulitzer Prize Nominee for Damned Ugly Children

Praise for Jared Smith's work

Jared Smith's work deals with the Here and Now, yes, but is so involved with All-Time/All-Culture that, if you don't keep totally focused, at times you're liable to step over the connections. Smith is a kind of Cro-Magnon-Neanderthal-Indus Valley-Mesopotamian-Tiawanaku Combo-Man watching the late news, buzzarding over the contemporary world and seeing its miserable negativity... but ultimately always referring back to the basic sanity of the universe around us. Sane Nature verses Idiot-Man. There is a tremendous Keatsian-Witmanesque visionary sweep here, moving over the earth's surface, always concentrating on light, the Here and Now, but always in cosmic context. Smith's work, carefully read and meditated on, is a course in cosmic-personal sanity.
Hugh Fox

There is a gentle kind of certainty that seems to characterize Jared Smith's best work, an understanding about place and the flow of spirit that makes you think of Thoreau along with a commitment as fierce as that of Pablo Neruda.
Joseph Bruchac - poet, novelist, editor
Greenfield Review Press

He is a master of interplay between sensuous detail and the universal, illuminating the facts of our electric civilization and evoking the earth from which it rose. Esthetically, discerning readers will see his spiritual kinship to C.K Williams and compare his work favorably.
Harry Smith - poet, essayist, editor
The Smith Press

Again and again, Jared Smith takes us into a world that we feel is strange and impossible, only to make us see, suddenly, that this IS our life, our condition, and until now we have been shying away from reality. Years ago, on my author-interview show on NPR, I hailed Jared as "the most important new voice in American poetry since Walt Whitman."
Walter James Miller - poet and verse dramatist
Author of Love's Mainland and Joseph in the Pit

There’s a lovely muscularity pervading Jared Smith’s work that’s reminiscent of the more obvious long-lined poets’ efforts, Whitman’s and C.K. Williams’, for example. But Smith’s poetry is unique in that he seems, unlike these other two writers, not to think in terms of an “overflowing line” but to peer, consistently, beyond it. What this means is that while Whitman’s long lines are incantatory and Williams’ are loquacious in a relaxed, double-hexameter sort of way, Smith’s work, much like an Action Painter’s, serves the ambition of the gesture and thus, of necessity, stretches beyond the canvas.
Terri Brown-Davidson - reviewer

For Smith, there is a kind of pathos in human attempts to replicate the unfathomable beauty of a mountain or a star-filled sky a pathos which is worthy of regret, even mocking, but never rage, scorn, or absolute despair. Though his tone could not be called gentle, it is sympathetic to the human condition and the futility, frustration, sorrow, and bewilderment that accompany it. This sympathy elevates his poetry to the levels of the masters who have influenced him.
JoSelle Vanderhooft from The Pedestal

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When Images Become Imbued With Time

By Jared Smith
Perfect Bound, 62 pages, Published by The Puddin'head Press
8½ by 8½ inches, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-9724339-6-9

To order a copy of this book call 1-888-BOOKS-98
or to buy On-Line press add to cart.