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Wanderlust by Maggie Rubin


Maggie Rubin is an exciting poet. She has a way with words. Her words and performance create a special magic that draws the reader or listener in and holds them there in state of poetic suspense.

Praise for Wanderlust

Maggie's work opens up and whirls with the world. You feel you are traveling with her. Whether it's hurling over a sea of human experience, paddling through a swamp, or weaving through one of the wildest journeys of all... making love... Maggie shares how the seemingly solitary experience of wadering alone is vibrantly full of people.
          Nick Jones
          Artistic Director/ Founding Member
          Smoke and Mirror Productions

A tightly unified collection that takes us w3andering along the byways of the world, then readjusts our focus for a journey to teh deep inside. These are poems you can touch and that will touch you.
          Nina Corwin
          Author of
          Conversations With Friendly Demons and Tainted Saints

Well written...
          Kerry Reid
          Chicago Reader

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By MAggie Rubin
Chapbook, 30 pages, Published by Chicagopoetry.com Press
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 2004

To order a copy of this book, please call 1-888-BOOKS98