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                                                                            The Allelulia Tree by Christine Swanberg

Christine Swanberg

Perfect Bound, 82 pages, 5˝ by 8˝ inches, 2012, $12.00
Published by The Puddin’head Press
ISBN# 978-0-9819756-2-7

Praise for The Alleluia Tree

In The Alleluia Tree, Christine Swanberg examines every situation with eyes peeled for signs of resurrection and hope. She discusses life's tragedies and hardships with unflinching, clear-eyed honesty, but bravely holds out for the glimmer of redemption and the promise of restored life. Whether writing about post-Katrina New Orleans or the winter-starved birds of the title poem, Swanberg puts every detail in place through fresh imagery and elegant language, the reader elevated above the gloom and grit by a spiritual vision further enhanced by a true appreciation of the sensory treasures that surround us.

                    Nancy Susanna Breen - Poet, editor, and blogger at Nudged2Write.com.

The Alleluia Tree sings with clarity and precision, the well-developed song cycle of a poet at the height of her craft, and cognizant of the full arc of life: small, sweet moments, like an encounter with a family of deer at the moment " the sky is past indigo"; great, sweeping bridges over life passages; self-failings; and imperfect relationships that nonetheless nurture and suffice. These poems chirp with humor and go suddenly quiet with deep grief, amid so many other notes that can only be handled well by a sure, swift voice. Readers can be confident they will encounter themselves as well as unexpected blessings in these pages.

                    Glenda Bailey-Mershon - Founding editor of the Jane's Stories anthologies

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The Alleluia Tree

By Christine Swanberg
Perfect Bound, 82 pages, Published by The Puddin'head Press
5˝ by 8˝ inches, 2012
ISBN# 978-0-9819756-2-7