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Postcards To Jack by Albert DeGenova  

Postcards To Jack
By Albert DeGenova

The latest book by Albert DeGenova.
He is a bit of a Beat scholar.
Here are reverant messages
to the Beat Generation.

Praise for Al DeGenova's work

These poems are bright islands in the black of the back-wood highways that still criss-cross our country. They are the thin blue notes of jazz that circulate under the neon signs of all-night diners. And, yes, they are postcard messages across time and space to a simpler and more vital period of American life when a young man might follow his hopes and sensuality forever into a younger country lost in the promise of its destiny.

Jack Kerouac put an American landscape of the post Eisenhower years into his own words, making that landscape his own for generations to come—a long scroll into the passions, loves, and loss of our poor small bones. That landscape has now departed and fallen beneath the bulldozers of the most powerful nation in human history…the two lane, three lane, four lane interstate highways scattered in the rubble of superhighways of indifference. But there is a time and space still for postcards to that inner world that Jack wrote of, and our survival as a civil and progressive society may well depend on our ability to write and read those postcards. Albert DeGenova has found the right notes to sing in this volume of the open road.

                    Jared Smith - Author of Lake Michigan and Other Poems

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Postcards to Jack by Albert DeGenova

Postcards To Jack
Chapbook, 40 pages, Published by Naked Mannekin
5 x 7.5 inches, 2010
ISBN# 978-1-61584-279-7

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