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The Mulberry

Constance Vogel's poetry has been published in over 150 journals.
Her newest book, The Mulberry, is written in memory of her daughter, Mary.

Praise for The Mulberry

Like captured fireflies, these poems flicker in grief's darkness. Writing about the particular pain of losing a child, Constance Vogel finds that nature, with its lightning-struck mulberry tree, bat caves, and whales, mirrors her vulnerability. The language--ironic and incantatory--soars with the desperation of the mother bat in 'The Cave.' She finds an exit, but no release.
Marylee MacDonald
Editor of River Oak Review

These poems--beautiful for the clarity of imagery--will leave you changed as you walk with a mother whose world has come undone. The poet wastes no words. Fearless, she challenges death whose sting is only temporary. These are poems of great mourning, leading to a trusting joy at dawn. These poems acknowledge the fragility of life even as they celebrate the eduring love which binds mother and daughter to all that is precious and alive.
Martha Modena Vertreace-Doody
Poet-in-Residence, Kennedy King College

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By Constance Vogel
Chapbook, 23 pages, Published by Finishing Line Press
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 2004
ISBN# 1-932755-34-9 (Limited edition)

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