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The Music Of Solid Objects by John Dickson  

The Music Of Solid Objects
By John Dickson

On visiting the grave of an early twentieth century writer, John Dickson said,
"Here lies is a lie." The Music Of Solid Objects, in many ways, proves that the
forces that drive writers, musicians, dancers, and artists push them far beyond
their lives. They are still living in the pages of this book.

Praise for John Dickson's work

Relaxed, reverent, sexy, with excellent form, gentle flamboyancy, and vivid images that invite you to touch and look them over, Dickson carefully sojourns down the streets of the lives of artists, writers, dancers, painters, and various creative persons. This is both biography and poetry, a gentle unbuttoning of lives and comfortable touch of poetic words.

                    - Elizabeth Grudzien on Amazon.com

For anyone who likes poetry, this book is a delight to read, and very welcome from a poet who has been silent too long.

                    - Martha Modena Vertreace

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Music Of Solid Objects

Perfect Bound, 102 pages, Published by The Thorntree Press
6 x 9 inches, 1997
ISBN# 0-939395-22-3

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