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Let Wings Take You  

Let Wings Take You
By Marilyn Peretti

Praise for Marilyn Peretti's Work

Let Wings Take You will be cherished by nature lovers and poetry enthusiasts alike. Written by an avid observer of cranes, these poems are as much about the life and habits of the crane as about human experience and aspiration. Marilyn Paretti's wings of imagination will brush each of us in a unique way and lift us to a higher altitude of inspiration.

                    - Bill Marr, author of Autumn Window

Marilyn Peretti expresses in poetry what I feel about cranes but am unable to adequately express in words. Her poems bring to me the spiritual essence of these remarkable birds that have inspired poets since times untold.

                    - George Archibald, Cofounder, International Crane Foundation

Born of her deep concern and admiration, Marilyn Peretti's poems are tributes to the great winged cranes and other fragile treasures of the earth. With her work, she gives the reader wings of words, and urges them to "reclaim your own place in the sky."

                    - Donna DeMeyer, Michigan Poet,
                    Moderator of the Savannah Series, Plymouth, Michigan

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Let Wings Take You
Let Wings Take You by Marilyn Peretti
Chapbook, 27 pages, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches,2003, $9.00
Published by Splendid Press
ISBN# 0-9673333-6-9

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