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Earth Elegance by Cynthia Gallaher  

Earth Elegance
By Cynthia Gallaher

Cynthia Gallaher's third poetry collection, Earth Elegance,
departs from her urban focus in Swimmer's Prayer, to a
panoramic view of animals and international environmental issues.
The poems are accompanied by scratchboard drawings by artist Lonnie Poco.

Praise for Cynthia Gallaher's Work

The Ojibwa people have a word for a messenger for those with no voice – "Ozhkabewisug" – one of the highest honors a warrior can aspire to. Gallaher scores big with this collection of moving poems that pays homage to humanity's spiritual ties to those other relatives of ours. You'll be amazed at her words that flip like coins to skillfully paint images in our minds. She is indeed an "Ozhkabewisug" and a warrior. This is one book everyone should read to reaffirm those special relationships that we humans tend to forget in our rush to control everything around us.

               – E. Donald Two-Rivers
                        Recipient of the American Book Award
                        and author of Pow Wows, Fat Cats, and Other Indian Tales

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Earth Elegance by Gallaher
EARTH ELEGANCE by Cynthia Gallaher
Perfect Bound, 79 pages, Published by MARCH/Abrazo
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 2000
ISBN# 1-877636-17-7

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