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Caged Birds

Constance Vogel's poetry has been published in over 150 journals.
She is also the author of The Mulberry written in memory of her daughter.

Praise for Caged Birds

Constance Vogel's poems acquaint us with the memory's "caged birds" as she goes about unveiling the mysteries of the past. No sooner are these cunningly rendered people and places resurrected than the accuracy of those evocations are called into question. What fascinates in these poems is their mistrust of surfaces, their sidelong glaces through memory's cracked door, their relentless pursuit of what lies "beyond the scrim of conciousness."
Paulette Roeske
Editor of The Willow Review
College of Lake County

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By Constance Vogel
Perfect Bound, 87 pages, Published by Lake Shore Publishing
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 1994
ISBN# 0-941363-28-7

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