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BrotherKeeper Perfect Bound, 53 pages, 5˝ by 8˝ inches, 2007, $12.00
Published by The Puddin’head Press
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Unprotected in their candor, unsentimental even in their embrace of childhood memories, the poems in BrotherKeeper shine with a reverence for the holiness of things that is completely in the spirit of Saint Francis. Not since Edwin O'Connor's The Edge of Sadness have the joys and sacrifices of priesthood been so frankly and affectionately de-lineated. Larry Janowski's book is a radiant collection, full of beauty, wisdom, and plenitude.
Ron Hansen, Novelist
Author of Atticus & A Stay Against Confusion

Larry Janowski writes from the heart, his poetry filled with the raw, pulsing power of his city, Chicago. In his title poem, BrotherKeeper, he writes of Eric Morse's death: Chicago boys I never knew, who will not let go. It's like that. That line has stayed with me. Janowski's poetry does that. It penetrates your soul.
Alex Kotlowitz, Journalist
Author of There Are No Children Here and Never a City So Real

Larry Janowski has a gritty Chicago eye and a strong religious sensibility. He is a brave, crafty, and unwavering truth teller. He has written a deeply compassionate and mature first book that takes "Brother" and "Keeper" and joins them into one word, "BrotherKeeper," a sign of our humanity, a whole, something holy.
Edward Hirsch, Poet
Author of Lay Back the Darkness

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By Larry Janowski
Perfect Bound, 53 pages, Published by The Puddin'head Press
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 2005
ISBN# 978-0-9724339-5-2

To order a copy of this book call 1-888-BOOKS-98 or to buy On-Line press add to cart.