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A Beating of Wings  

A Beating of Wings
Poetry by
Gertrude Rubin

Praise for Gertrude Rubin's Work

A Beating of Wings is one of those delightful volumes of poetry that give the reader the opportunity of meeting a lovely human being. "Let the soul dance," writes Gertrude Rubin. My soul indeed danced with hers so many times. "Soul" is the key word here the part that lasts. "When I die, place a cutting of me in a glass of clear water." No need. These poems are her soul sprouting already.
        - Allan Bates, English Department, Northeastern Illinois University

Gertrude Rubin's Poems rise from the occasions of her life, from her acute perceivings, with apparent effortlessness, so unobstrusively convincing and natural is her imagination, so developed are her artistic skills. She is an observer of the mundane, the near-at-hand, the ordinary lives and deaths of people, animals, trees and flowers around her in short, the range of experiences we all know but seldom penetrate imaginatively. Getrude Rubin has, over the years, built up a body of work that contains the kind of "new" William Carlos Williams said we famish for the lack of.
        - Professor Ralph J. Mills Jr., English Department, University of Illinois Chicago

As a writer of narrative poems that are poigant and life-affirming Gertrude Rubin ranks with the best of modern poets
        - Rebecca Moskowitz, Writer

Sensitive to life's rhymes, to the natural world and the curious realm of human feelings and connections, these poems face life and death with wide open eyes. Never flinching, they show what is and push beyond the surface to strength and grace.
        - Jill Baumgaertner, Associate Professor of English, Wheaton College

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A Beating of Wings
A BEATING OF WINGS by Gertrude Rubin
Perfect Bound, 93 pages, Published by Lake Shore Publishing
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 2003
ISBN# 0-941363-09-0

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