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Chicago poet Lawrence Tyler died Saturday, May 1st, 2004.
He had been undergoing chemotherapy for many months.

Lawrence worked very closely with the Puddin'head Press. He was always there when we needed help. Many people remember him from book sales they attended or from the old Puddin'head Bookstore on Milwaukee Avenue during the early '90's.

Lawrence ran poetry readings at many different locations including Puddin'head Bookstore, Gossip Cafe, and some open mike co-hosting at the Westside Poetry Slam. At the time of his death, he was working on a book called Melancholy Wonder that we will be publishing in the future.

Lawrence has written a wide variety of poetry, screenplays, and essays and we hope to keep his memory alive on this page.

He was one of the finest men I have known.

One of Lawrence's final poems was called "EULOGY"


The truth has always been very important
                to me
I don't know what I should
                tell you
I have had prayers answered
                and you
Can read between the lines

When you don't believe in God, lost
                your faith
And a prayer is answered
                you must
Consider your point of view
                re-think old thoughts

I am very curious about life
                after death
I believe there is something, perhaps not
What we have been taught,
                who knows?
I will not put God into
                a box

When you know you are no longer
                going to live forever
Psychologically speaking, emotions
                you know
I mean, there are people who
                two second before death
Think they will beat it
When you let go of that delusion
                what next?
If I let myself become distracted
                the earth, the sun
All so beautiful

I try to discern what is on my
                friend's mind
It takes a lot of concentration,
                and I have a lot

I miss my friends already, and
                I feel sad for them

When I die, they will feel
My life is over, and
I know I am going to miss out
                not be here
For how things turn out
                and no one believes that --

Precisely, this is the matter

We can't believe we won't know
                how it all turns out.


By Lawrence Tyler

Perfect Bound, 110 pages, 5˝ by 8˝ inches
Published by Puddin’head Press
ISBN# 0-9615879-1-1

To order a copy of this book call 1-888-BOOKS-98.

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