The contents of this website are copyrighted. Though I understand that there are fair use laws and public display laws, there has also been a disregard for these laws by certain members of the press.

I would encourage editors to ask where material is obtained from and ask them to consider who owns the rights to the material.

I would like to thank the Boston Globe and the LA Times for having a high regard for copyright laws.

Though I understand the need for journalists to go on "fishing expeditions" to members of the Chicago poetry community and friends of JJ Jameson, some of these have been mean spirited and cruel.

A bigger story in my personal life has been taking care of a father who has Alzheimer's disease. To those members of the press who have contacted my father, I think I have adequately expressed my anger to you bastards.

I have great regard for the profession of journalism and I hope that in the future editors can find talent that brings a higher level of professionalism to it.

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