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Marydale Stewart

A book of fine poems by Marydale Stewart. These poems explore home and personal identity and what the value of place is. She investigates what it is that makes someone call a place "home".


Marydale Stewart's Inheritance is worth anyone's keen attention.
She writes in the very moving title poem:

            And so in my heart I retrace
            the way we came,
            how we sought the shadow of this
            land's spine and moved beyond—
            we the daughters—
            to that bronzed, fragrant light where the sun
            goes down on the New World and
            where a child swings in the morning of her life.

How fully that sets the tone of the book, throughout
which there are remarkable moments such as:

            Then in a step
            we topped a rise, and there, between
            my horse's ears, lay the endless West!

And in the poem "Hope", this:

            The world could use more poets, child,
            so tend your words
            husband them
            and find the ones
            that fill our eyes with tears
            and keep us near
            the elemental beginning
            of everything.

A fine moving book,
And one to give pleasure to many.
            -Lucien Stryk
            Poet, translator, and teacher

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By Marydale Stewart
Chapbook, 31 pages, Published by The Puddin'head Press
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 2008
ISBN# 978-0-9724339-8-3

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