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Chicago Poetry Biography Page

Here is a collection of short biographies of numerous poets associated with the Chicago poetry scene. They have been collected from numerous books, press releases, and from the poets themselves.

It is sometimes difficult to decide whether a poet is a "Chicago" poet. If a poet has lived or worked in Chicago for any period of timed we may include them.

If you would like to help please e-mail us and let us know.

Poets are listed by last name.

Anderson, Carol
Awl, Dave
Aguila, Carolyn
Badikian, Beatriz
Baiocchi, Regina Harris
Bardales, Katherine
Barnidge, Mary Shen
Baumgaertner, Jill Pelaez
Berez, Kim
Betts, Tara
Blakely, Nora
Blinn, Lucia
Blinn, Mary
Bowen, Kristy
Buddha 309
Buddha 309
Brooks, Gwendolyn
Campbell, Gladys
Campbell, Kathleen
Carrigan, Nancy Jean
Change, Andrea
Cherry, Susan Spaeth
Colky, Josh
Colon, Esteban
Cookie Supahstah
Corwin, Nina
Danner, Margaret
Dean, Larry O.
DeGenova, Albert
DeKatch, Scott
Dickson, John
Duffey, Richard
Eleveld, Mark
Engler, Robert Klein
Fammeree, Richard
Flannery, Maureen Tolman
Gallinari, Chris
Gecic, David
Goldsmith, Sandy
Gomez, Gregorio
Green, Chris
Green, Mike
Greenberg, Arielle
Hammond, Steven
Hargarten, David
Hart, Adam
Herbst, Bill
Hernandez, David
Hillila, Bernhard
Holtkamp, Nissa
Janowski, Larry
Jones, Llewellyn
Juntunen, Lisa
Kanter, Carol
Kitzis, Lee
Knott, Bill
Kubik, Kathy
Latimore, Jewel
Lawrence, Robert
Lee, Don Luther
Levato, Francesco
Levato, Lauren
Liao, Gordan CC
Lilly, Ruth
Logan, John
Mack, Margie
Madhubuti, Haki
Marino, Elizabeth
McCarrell, Stuart
McMillen, Patricia
McCormick, Gene
Mesick, Brent
Mihopolous, Effie
Mikkalo, Erika
Miller, Pamela
Monroe, Harriet
Morris, Wilda
Nation, Shelley
Newman, Charlie
Offen, Ron
Overton, Harvey
Parisi, Joseph
Perkins, Eugene
Peretti, Marilyn
Plumpp, Sterling
Pucciani, Donna
Pompa, Paul Martinez
Roby, Tom
Rodgers, Carolyn
Rose, Emily
Rubin, Gertrude
Rubin, Maggie
Sawyer, Larry
Schandelmeier, Cathleen
Schroeder, Steven
Shumway, Bronmin
Simic, Charles
Smith, Jared
Smith, Patricia
Stewart, Marydale
Trigilio, Tony
Twemlow, Nick
Varela, Frank
Valente, Judith
Vertreace, Martha
Vogel, Constance
Wallace, Valerie Martt
Winfield, Larry
Wolk, Jacqueline
Watson, Michael

This is an evolving project started on July 8th, 2008.
We are still entering new bios.