The Poetry Society of Oklahoma – 1934-2013

Affiliated with NFSPS, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies

 Winter 2013 Newsletter – edited by Rob Burgess, President

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A Message from your President


                                                                        Happy New Year, Poet Friends!

            I am so excited about 2013 and what it has in store for the Poetry Society of Oklahoma and Oklahoma poets. We have some great news and some not-so-           great news as we begin our new year. I am pleased to announce that our own Nathan Brown is the new 2013-2014 Oklahoma State Poet Laureate. 
           It will be exciting to get to know Nathan as he serves Oklahoma and Oklahoma poetry in this new position. On a sad note, Hazel Bell Nicholas passed
           away in November 2012.  I remember Hazel Bell as this poised and tall lady and I sat with her at one of the first PSO meetings that I attended. 
           She impressed me very much and I just loved her poetry.  She will be greatly missed.

           Another extremely hard and difficult announcement to make is that we are putting the Oklahoma Lore Youth Poetry and Art Contests
           This seems to be the year to do this, difficult as it may be.  We need to revamp and reorganize this great and important event. It will come back
            next year (2014) bigger and better.  It will be exciting!

            I trust everyone is having a blessed year so far.  I hope to see you in March for our Annual 2012 Spring Awards and banquet.

            Blessings to you all, my poet friends!

Blessings—Rob Burgess  PSO President
**I apologize ahead of time for any misspellings, quotes, or leaving news out of En Vision.                                                       Happy Reading!


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