2012 PSO Annual Spring Contest Winners
PSO Poets Laureate by Year

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2013*****Clark Elliott
2012*****Carol L. Snow*****
2011*****Diane "Dee" Bowlin*****
2009*****Barbara Richard*****(no web page)
2006 and 2008*****Vivian R. Stewart*****
2007*****Hazel Bell Nicholas*****(no web page)
2004, 2005 and 2010*****Dena Gorrell*****
2003*****Clark Elliott*****

Category One: Fill in the blanks Award

First Place--Lee Pelham cotton
Second Place--Clark Elliott
Third Place--
Vivian R. Stewart
1hm--Eugene V. Shea
2hm--Carol L. Snow
3hm--Jeani Picklesimer
Citations--Sara Gipson and Catherine Moran

Category Two: Howard Starks -Dennis Letts memorial

First Place--Sally Clark
Second Place--Carol L. Snow
Third Place--Von S. Bourland
--Robert L. Lynn
--Trina Lee
--Barbara Blanks
citations--Karen Kay Bailey and Madelyn eastlund

Category Three: carol Dee Meeks sonnet award

First Place--Robert L. Lynn
Second Place--Sara gipson
Third Place-----Barbara Blanks
1hm--Jeani Picklesimer
2hm--Jerri Hardesty

3hm--madelyn eastlund

Category Four: Vivianne Sonnet variation

First Place--Diane 'dee' bowlin
Second Place--(tie)--sara gipson & jeani picklesimer
Third Place--yvonne nunn
1hm--Von s. bourland
2hm--dena r. gorrell
3hm--robert l. Lynn

Category Five: the sestina award

First Place--Joyce shiver
Second Place--Jerri hardesty
Third Place--Caroline zarlengo sposto
1hm--madelyn eastlund
2hm--(tie)--jeani picklesimer & dena r. gorrell
3hm--Robert l. Lynn
Citations--von s. bourland & yvonne nunn

Category Six: windmill poets award
First Place--Diane 'dee' bowlin
Second Place--Mary m. chase
Third Place--dena r. gorrell
1hm--Clark Elliott
2hm--Robert l. lynn
3hm--carol d. meeks
Citations--von s. bourland 7 theresa huston
Category Seven: joseph vincent memorial
First Place--joyce shiver
Second Place--mary m. chase
Third Place--dena r. gorrell
1hm--vivian r. stewart
2hm--karen kay bailey
3hm--patricia j. koch

Category Eight:
past presidents' award
First Place--carol l. snow
Second Place--karen kay bailey
Third Place--joyce shiver
1hm--eugene v. shea
2hm--clark elliott
3hm--vivian r. stewart

Category Nine: pso poets' laureate award
First Place--neal huffaker
Second Place--marsha kay oldham
Third Place--trina lee
1hm--theresa huston
2hm--mary m. chase
3hm--patricia j. koch
Category Ten: alda johnson memorial
First Place--Barbara Blanks
Second Place--theresa huston
Third Place--Clark Elliott
1hm--catherine moran
2hm--vera long
3hm--jeani picklesimer
Category Eleven: tom chase Oklahoma historical award
First Place--robert l. lynn
Second Place--barbara blanks
Third Place--karen kay bailey
1hm--jeani picklesimer
2hm--theresa huston
3hm--patricia j. koch
Category Twelve: woods memorial award
First Place--Eugene V. Shea
Second Place--Vivian R. Stewart
Third Place--Vera Long
1hm--clark elliott
2hm--marsha oldham
3hm--jeani picklesimer
citations--barbara blanks & dena r. gorrell

Category Thirteen:
alice landgraf savage memorial
First Place--carol l. snow
Second Place--madelyn eastlund
Third Place--jeani picklesimer
1hm--Barbara Richard
2hm--Joyce shiver
3hm--Barbara blanks

Category Fourteen: maxine austin award
First Place--sara gipson
Second Place--joyce shiver
Third Place--clark elliott
1hm--barbara blanks
2hm--neal huffaker
3hm--eugene V. shea

Category Fifteen: violet Amy Davis memorial
First Place--madelyn eastlund
Second Place--carol l. snow
Third Place--dena r. gorrell
1hm--jerri hardesty
2hm--barbara blanks
3hm--clark elliott
citation--lydia irene walton

Category Sixteen: the bell award
First Place--loretta d. walker
Second Place--neal huffaker
Third Place--vivian r. stewart
1hm--robert l. lynn
2hm--von s. bourland
3hm--barbara blanks

Category Seventeen:
pantoum award
First Place--diane 'dee' bowlin
Second Place--clark elliott
Third Place--joyce shiver
1hm--dena r. gorrell
2hm--jeani picklesimer
3hm--robert l. lynn

Category Eighteen:
first wednesday poets award
First Place--neal huffaker
Second Place--jeani picklesimer
Third Place--von s. bourland
1hm--karen kay bailey
2hm--marsha kay oldham
3hm--barbara blanks

category Nineteen:
the journal award
First Place--robert l. lynn
Second Place--von s. bourland
Third Place--theresa huston
1hm--marsha kay oldham
2hm--karen kay bailey
3hm--rob burgess