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Welcome to My World!

If you have nothing better to do (which obveously don't since you're here) feel free to look around. The site will basicly be collection of stuff about me, stuff I like, stuff that amuses me, etc. It obveously isn't done yet, or even close (give me a break, I only started it a week ago.) So yeah, knock yourself out.

~Lydia (aka Pixy)



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Poem By: ME!!!

I want
Of my mind
Body and soul.
No angels to protect me,
No demons to pull me down,
I want
I do not need a man to complete me.
I don not need a knife to show my pain
Because I am whole
And I am one with body,
One with my mind.
I am free from the world's shackles.
I am free from the self-hate I once knew.
My spirit is liberated,
No longer held captive of my pain.
I glow like the sun
Because I am the sun,
Revolving around myself.
I am beautiful,
bright and full of life.
No longer will I hide in the shadows
or bask in radiance
that is not my own.
I have control,
Complete control,
And I am WHOLE!

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